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 Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-5, A0]

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PostSubject: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-5, A0]   Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:50 pm

Vizard Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz
Nicknames/Aliases: The Outsider; Leviathan
Appearance Age: Late-20s
Actual Age: 988
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3 (6'5 incl. hair)
Weight: 240 lbs

Appearance Picture: Tsubine stands at well over six foot, and his hair makes him seem taller. Although his strong, axe-like features don't present the most handsome face, he is by no means ugly. He is quite muscular, but he is not bulky like Soriz Touma. To put it in Pathfinder terms, he is less of a Barbarian and more of a Brawler. He keeps his black hair gelled in spikes, giving him a bit more height. His eyes are usually covered by out-of-fashion circular sunglasses. When he takes them off, his eyes are revealed to be wine-colored. In bright light, they can even appear to be scarlet while in dim light they appear more violet. He's normally seen in a black sleeveless leather vest and black sleeveless shirt. Notably, his jacket has a hell of a fur lining around the neck. He has a few scars, most of them on his arms and torso. None of them are particularly notable, but he does have a tattoo on his left hand of a winged serpent eating itself in the style of an Ouroboros.

Character Power Set

Unkeyed Denreishinki: Tsubine has a Denreishinki like a normal Shinigami of the Gotei 13. He obtained it from the black market. While it can be tracked to a degree, it always gives off the wrong location.

Trained Abilities:
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill: If you challenge him to a style competition, Tsubine would lose 100% of the time. But if you challenge him to a spar or duel, well... that's another thing entirely—so long as you don't put too many rules there. Tsubine has that sort of "crazed berserker" style mastered. He improvises and doesn't even attempt to use a specific style or school of fighting. Although someone can see hints of several different schools (Zanjutsu included), that should only be a testament to how dangerous he actually is. He's basically able to take parts of various styles and stick them together like a redneck with duct tape. It looks horrible, but damn does it work.

Hakuda/Hand-to-Hand: Although he's unschool when it comes to his weapon skills, Tsubine is the exact opposite when it comes to Hakuda. Tsubine has spent many hours trying to perfect various punches. He has a hell of a good time with proper Hakuda bouts (one of the reasons he doesn't mind getting punched by Lilith). However, Tsubine has more of a boxer's body. He is surprisingly bouncy and and quick with his strong jabs. He hits and breaks away when he can.

Kidou:  Tsubine wouldn't seem like the type to know how to even spell Kidou, but he is able to identify all non-Forbidden Kidou. He has a surprising skill in it too, although there are some numbers he should be able to perform that he actually purposely avoided because he found them useless.

Hohou: There's a reason that Tsubine uses his Shikai to drag himself around instead of shunpo. He basically either really overshoots or undershoots. He never really can get it in the middle. To put it one way, he's got everything down but the landing.

Kaidou: The last time he tried to do any form of Kaidou, it turned into a Byakurai. If anything, he has a negative in this skill.

Strength: Tsubine wears sleeveless shirts because he was tired of his shirt sleeves limiting his muscles and ripping all the time. He's got bulk, and he's not afraid to show it off. In his position as the Right-Hand Man to the Mikazuki's Leader, he was known as the strongest member of the organization. He was the brawn to the leader's brain.

Zanpakuto Name: Saku (槊; Halberd) & Retsu (捩; Twisting)
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Bite Down
Zanpakuto Appearance: Tsubine's Zanpakutou once was a sword—a wide-bodied sword used for hefty swings. However, he found that form unwieldy. Over time it became its current form, a red-bladed axe he keeps behind his back in a special sheath.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Tsubine has a pair of Zanpakutou spirits—both of which are teenage girls of very different personalities. Saku is what would be called his outer personality—it's the cocky, "Try and fight me" attitude. She and Tsubine butt heads a lot. She wields a small pike-like weapon. Tsubine claims she's not the dangerous one, but Retsu is. Retsu is the inner part of him that cares about people. Although she's kind and somewhat quiet, she doesn't stand for anyone hurting Saku (or now, Tsubine). She becomes merciless and almost sadistic when those close to her are hurt. She wields a flail-like weapon—the head of the flail is a round cage lined with axe heads. All-in-all, these two are reflections of various parts of him, and he hates the fact that both Saku and Retsu put a damn heart on his Bankai.

Shikai Name:Sakuretsu Riganryū (決裂 離岸流; Splitting Undertow)
Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities: Sakuretsu Riganryū takes the form of two weapons—a halberd about 6.5 feet long (called Kiriono [切り斧; Paring Axe]) and a chain wrapped around his left arm (called Tsuribari [釣針; Fishhook]). The halberd has a rather simple ability of exuding pressure depending on the direction of his swings. Swinging the halberd exudes pressure in a way depending on the direction and force of his swings. The pressure is enough to stop a speeding car with a full-force swing. A jab with the halberd's tip will create a more pinpoint "line" type while a swing with the axe-like blade produces more of a "fan" type. A jab has a maximum effective range of 100 yards while the cone has a maximum range of 50 yards.

The chain has the other part of the shikai. Although in appearance, the chain only has enough links to be about 8 feet long, it's actually about 30 yards long, with each link a "compression" that extends as he swings it out. He can only extend it once before it needs to retract. At the end of the chain, the head has small hooks that deploy when the chain is yanked backwards by the wielder. He uses the chain to pull himself along instead of using Shunpo, as well as pulling opponents towards him. He has a few techniques with the chain specifically.

  • Tatsugarame: (龍搦め; Dragontangle) When an opponent is impaled by the chain, he can call out this technique's name. The chain leaves Tsubine's grasp and wraps itself entirely around the opponent. Breaking it requires a strength of 80+ or a level-40+ Kidou. When broken, the chain returns to Tsubine's arm and reforms itself over two rounds.
  • Sōshūsoku: (騒収束; Noisy Convergence) When an opponent is impaled, he can impale the handle of the chain into someone or something else and let go. When he calls out the technique name, the chain retracts into itself completely—to the point the two ends meet with no links between them. The chain will retract from both directions—or at least attempt to. If something is too heavy, such as a building, only one end will be retracted although the other end will still attempt. Thus if it comes undone, it will still retract into the other end.
  • Setsunarensa: (刹那連鎖; Instant Chains) Tsubine throws the chain, and then uses his halberd's pressure line to push the chain forward at incredible speed (180). This usually is meant to break through a particularly tough defense or wall.

Bankai Name: Nigirihana Uzushimaru  (握り話 渦己強; Gripping Tale of the Serpent Maelstrom)
Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:
Nigirihana Uzushimaru  once again takes the form of two entities—a large halberd and a snake. The snake takes the place of the chain from the Shikai. Nigirihana Uzushimaru takes the pressure concept from Sakuretsu Riganryū and amps it up. No longer is his pressure direction forced upon him by the direction of his swing. However, the line and fan shapes are still the same from his Shikai. He retains his Shikai abilities, including Tatsugarame and Setsunarensa. The one he does not gain is Sōshūsoku. That is changed due to the chain's changed form. Due to the increased size and curvature, Tsubine is also now able to create spirals of pressure. These take the forms of either miniature tornadoes or whirlpools—depending on the surrounding area. He also gains immunity to pressure differences. Thus he won't die if he's thrown to the deepest depths of the ocean due to pressure alone. He'd still need to breathe. The snake can operate entirely independent of Tsubine, acting more like a familiar than a weapon.

  • Futago Sōshūsoku: (双子騒収束; Twinned Noisy Convergence) This behaves similar to the Shikai version. However, impaling is not required. Instead, the last two things the snake has bitten are pulled together with an almost-intangible chain between them. The snake leaves a copy of a fang in each bite, and from that the chain is produced. When the technique is activated, the two fangs are pulled towards one another. If someone removes the fang, then they will not be pulled along (assuming they let go too).

  • Senkai Rentotsu: (旋回連突; Twisting Storm) By spinning the halberd around rapidly and calling out the technique name,Tsubine creates a shield of pressure that can stop most physical attacks and dilute & spread energy attacks. This only covers the area which his Halberd was spinning. He can also do this with the snake for a ranged shield. Once they have stopped spinning, the shield disappears.

  • Seikyo: (静虚; Silent Void) Seikyo is his ability to exude an immense amount of pressure in a 50-foot bubble around him by slamming his Zanpakutou on the ground. The pressure pushes anything and everything away from him. It his way of creating a personal space. The point of impact is actually where the pressure comes from, and so if he moves the bubble does not move with him. He can do this once per round.

  • Seikyo Naiha: (静虚 内破; Silent Void Implosion) If Seikyo was him pushing everything everything away, then Seikyo Naiha is him pulling everything towards himself. Again, the point of impact is actually where the pressure comes from, and so if he moves the bubble does not move with him. He can do this once per round, and not in the same round that he uses Seikyo.

Inner Hollow Appearance:

Inner Hollow Personality: Standing at over 7 feet tall, Tsubine's Inner Hollow seems to have taken what anger he has had built up and embodied it with little else there. He is a mad beast. When he's hurt, he wants to stop the pain. When he's sleepy, he sleeps. He's a simple personality—almost childlike in fact. There's an innocent curiosity about him, and that is part of what Tsubine took advantage of to overpower his Inner Hollow.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Tsubine's mask is extremely unique compared to any other Vizard. Whether due to his subjugating his Inner Hollow or the relationship they have now, his mask can cover his entire body. More notably, his mask is the color of burnt bone. His sclera does not turn black like other Vizards either—instead it is more of the color of dried blood.

Hollow Abilities:
Tanso Sebiro: (炭素 背広; Carbon Suit) Tanso Sebiro is the name for his mask's enhanced durability. When using his mask, the areas covered by his mask have a +40 to durability. In order to use most of his abilities, his entire body must be covered in his mask. However, Cero is the exception to this. If his hands are covered in his mask, he can fire a Cero at 75% strength. The weakness is that his time while masked is roughly halved, where he can fully mask up for up to 8 posts per thread. He can, however, use Tanso Sebiro to cover his hands freely. While covered in Tanso Sebiro, Tsubine's hands grow more claw-like and can cut like sharpened knives made of obsidian.

Regeneration: Tsubine can drop the +40 to his durability to instead gain an ability similar to an Arrancar's High-Speed Regeneration. It doesn't work as fast, and it is actually incredibly painful. As body parts regrow, they are outlined in crimson electricity. Currently, he can not regenerate from an instantly-fatal wound like his head being smashed in with a hammer. This specifically does not remove the +40 durability given to his hands.

Cero: Tsubine's skill with Cero is decent at best. He does not have a special variant or anything of that nature, as he doesn't find the point in it. To be honest, he's most likely fighting with his hands when Hollowfied rather than firing off a Cero or two. His Cero are wine-colored, like his eyes.


Resurrección Name: Tsubine has been trying to unlock more power for himself, although his reasons for doing so are pretty vague. He is slightly concerned as every time he feels like he might be getting close, he feels himself losing a grip on himself and his own sanity.
Resurrección Appearance: Not Yet Achieved
Resurrección Abilities: Not Yet Achieved

Character Synopsis
Tsubine is the former right-hand man to the leader of the Mikazuki. He left after a falling out with that man, exiled and flagged a traitor. Afterwards, he started wandering about in the Rukongai—eventually meandering his way into the Seireitei. It was there that he has met—and befriended—many of the high-ranking officials. He won a bit of J. Saionji's trust after giving him some confidential information about a semi-sanctioned raid about to go down from the Mikazuki. This saved quite a few lives, and people have asked him to join the Gotei—he doesn't actually want to join the Gotei, however. He doesn't believe either of the groups are right and he doesn't think he alone could do anything to get either group to be on the right path.

The guy is a smartass, sometimes crude, and more than any of that, he's a shithead. It's not entirely a surprise to see him relaxing on a Captain's couch if he has something he wants to talk to them about. There are never signs of a break-in. None of the gates report ever letting him in either, but he has enough friends in high places to keep him in there.  He's a cocky sonnuvabitch capable of pulling of incredible feats of pure destruction. He also likes to flirt and finds an annoying pleasure in making women blush.

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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-5, A0]   Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:44 am

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill:843540159
Hollow Control:6050110

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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-5, A0]   Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:58 pm

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [X]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [X]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [X]

Tier: 0-5
Combat Prowess: A0
Natural Skill Points: 260
Racial Skill Points: 294
Position Bonuses: Apply Yourself
Skill Boosts: IV (40) Zanjutsu, III (30) Hakuda, III (30) Strength
Comments/Notes: CHANGE IMPLEMENTED (Mar. 5th, 2019) to New Tier/Skill system.
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PostSubject: Re: Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-5, A0]   

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Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [Approved; 0-5, A0]
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