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 Kei Makabe [APPROVED, 1-4]

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PostSubject: Kei Makabe [APPROVED, 1-4]   Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:33 am

±Name: Kei Makabe (十壁 桂; Makabe Kei)
±Sex: Female
±Age: 412
±Race: Shinigami
±Appearance: Kei is no longer the long-haired damsel she once was. In the fight where her Bankai was revealed to the Gotei, Kei cut her hair to free herself from her opponent's grasp. She's decided to keep it styled as such, as it gives her a more "fierce" look. Her small frame and almost-wiry build requires an external boost of "fierceness." In fact, her face is the fiercest part of her. She's not muscular like Lilith Antonovich. Nor does she have a "don't fuck with her" reputation like Midori Hayashi. She does, instead, have an incredibly strong gaze. Her midnight blue eyes sometimes shine in the right light, turning them to steel grey. Kei's most unique feature is something she gives a bit of a peak at with how she wears her shihakkusho. Between her breasts and on her sternum is a large, nasty X-shaped scar. It's old, but the damage was of the type that only plastic surgery could cover up the scar.

Cold as Ice

Kei puts herself away from other people. She's not the type to make friends, and most of her "allies" aren't because of her herself but that she's in a position of power. It's allying with her because of duty rather than anything to deal with her personally. It's not that Kei's someone who'd betray her allies, nor is it that she'd sacrifice them. In fact, Kei usually puts herself in danger before other people. She's commonly called a "cold bitch" by men and women alike. Being curt and short with others is her common way of behaving. She doesn't have time for smartassery or humor, as they're just things she feels like are pointless.

Stranger in My Own House

All of the above comes from one thing. Kei doesn't trust people. She might be able to go "okay, this person won't stab me in the back in the middle of battle" for someone, but she's not going to open up to them. She's not going to be any bit "nice" to them just because it's the "polite" thing to do. If people think she's friendly, they think she's weak. If she's weak, she's prey. And Kei won't be prey again. So, Kei won't be seen as weak. So, Kei won't trust someone.

Waiting for a Girl Like You

Kei does not like men. Men have more of a predisposition to hurt women. They're mostly arrogant, cocky, crude, and physically stronger. She's been hurt by more men than women, so it's only natural she'd gravitate in that direction. Besides that reasoning, women just are gentler (in her experience) and have much more appealing looks than most men she has encountered. Since Kei is stronger than an average woman, she doesn't feel like she has to worry too much about when it comes to a woman hurting her.

I'll Get Even with You

Kei does not forgive easily, if at all. If you fuck her over, it will hang over your head. As an upcoming Captain, this does have unfortunate implications. Kei is the type to get close to abusing her authority. She's not afraid to give someone latrine duty for months on end. She's not beneath giving people the worst patrol routes. Once she hates you, it's almost a permenant thing.

I'm Gonna Win

Kei doesn't believe in herself. Due to various incidents in her past, she just doesn't have the confidence that she's even a full person anymore. Yet, she puts up a brave face. She has to in order to not appear to be a meek little thing. She's afraid of that, and the best way to fight a fear is to be brave about it She has no other recourse other than to just put up that brave face she always does now, but it does occasionally break down...


Born in the Rukongai, low districts
Raped after graduating. Nearly died. One side of the scar was from the attempt on her life
Became the Fifth Division's 3rd seat.
On a mission, she fought an Arrancar, nearly died again. This time, X was completed on the scar. To defeat the Hollow, she used her Bankai. Same fight that the Capt. and LT. died in.

±Mark of the Wolf: Kei once had a birthmark in the shape of a scorpion on her front pelvic section. Well, she called it a birthmark. In actuality, it was more akin to a seal imprinted on her soul. Upon releasing her Bankai, the mark disappeared briefly. After it was sealed once more, another mark took its place—this one in the shape of a wolf. This mark gives her control of the flow of Reiryoku within her body more than most Shinigami can. The Mark of the Scorpion initially just limited it significantly. Some people might think it's a tattoo, but it's not something she ever chose to have.
±Kidou: As Kei had to train her Kidou with a limiter, her control over her Kidou was already impressive. She knew how to properly get the Kidou "flowing" from her Reiryoku in order to produce the desired effect. Although she had to put more energy into Kidou than most people did, she doesn't have to now. Thus that extra energy she was expending is now able to supercharge her Kidou. But her most predominant feature for her Kidou is just her control over how much effort she can put into it. Due to her natural predisposition for fire, any Kidou that has a fire-based effect is cast as if its number were five higher. Conversely, any Kidou with a water or ice-based effect is cast as if its number were five lower.
±Hakuda: Kei was never quite good in hand-to-hand. It's easily her worst skill.
±Zanjutsu: Again, Kei wasn't good in hand-to-hand. However, she is able to use Zanjutsu with a small knife she keeps tucked away. Her specific usage of Zanjutsu relies on quick strikes followed by an immediate backing away from the opponent. She's a "disengage" type of fighter, if you will.
±Hohou: Due to her fighting style, Kei's disengage relies heavily on her Hohou. If she's unable to get away, she'll lose in a head-on fight. Captain Kazuo Saionji is a bad match-up for her.

Reduce it all to ash, Entenka!

Entenka (炎天下; Under the Blazing Sun)
Upon release, Entenka's blade erupts into flames. When they clear, the new shape takes form. It looks like a katana albeit with a flared tip. 28 holes perforate the dull side of the blade. 26 of these are the same size, but two are not. One is twice as large and the other is four times as large as the other holes. As the fight progresses, each of the holes fills up until all of them are filled, representing the inner temperature of the flames within the blade. When Entenka's fires are "stoked," its true power is released.

Once the last circle is filled, the flames within erupt from the back end of the blade. Each swing sends a rush of fire out away from the blade. However, each burst reduces the number of lit circles one by one until once again, it's back down at zero. Kei can reignite Entenka up to three times per release, but the amount of time required to do so is exhausting and pushes her to the absolute limit of her Shikai.

Inai Ensei no Taikai (以内炎星の大海; Within the Blazing Sea of Stars)
When Kei releases her Bankai, her blade disappears into tiny balls of light. These multiply almost endlessly until hundreds, if not thousands, of miniature stars dot the surroundings. These produce a slight glow even in daylight. At night, they themselves glow but do not provide light except for about an inch beyond the surface. However, do not try to touch the motes. They are incredibly hot, despite exhibiting no warmth. Kei is immune to their heat—and their presence. She can pass through them without any harm or interaction. This is her night sky, a perfect protector.

Inai Ensei no Taikai absorbs the heat in the surrounding air. Currently, the release drops the ambient temperature around Kei by about twenty degrees. This is enough to be noticable instantly. The area it affects extends from Kei herself, reaching out up to 200 yards away. Kei can not direct the motes of light around without using a Volta. There are eleven Voltas, each one affecting the balls of light differently. Currently, Kei only has access to Sol Volta. She does not have to learn them in specific steps, but each one does have an "unlock condition."

Sol Volta—Chōshinsei (ソル·ボルタ—超新星; Sun Phase: Supernova): Kei does not realize that this is one of her strongest Volta, although it is so because of its immense cost. Every single one of the tiny balls of light begin expanding, not losing any heat in the process. They then form a single, large ball of light that extends for half of the distance of Inai Ensei no Taikai's heat absorption aura. After the expansion completes, the Bankai is sealed after collapsing within itself to form a single mote that elongates into the Zanpakutou's sealed form.

Mercurio Volta— Kanetsu Daisaigai (メルキュリオ·ボルタ—過熱大災害; Mercury Phase: Superheated Cataclysm): "The Light will bring hope to all, no matter the cost."
Venere Volta—Yūkai Aijō (ベネレ·ボルタ—融解愛情; Venus Phase: Melting Affection): "Those who are close are driven by the Light."
Terra Volta—Nagare Dan (テラ·ボルタ—流暖; Earth Phase: Flowing Warmth): "The Light flows like a river unto the flood."
Marte Volta—Daii Tsugunai (マルテ·ボルタ—代位償い; Mars Phase: Vicarious Atonement): "To repent, one must be willing to step into the searing Light."
Giove Volta—Ishiki no Chūdan (ジューベ·ボルタ—意識の中断; Jupiter Phase: Interrupted Consciousness): "Buried thoughts come to surface in the presence of the Light's warmth."
Saturno Volta—Kakomu Kyōfu (サトゥルノ·ボルタ—囲む恐怖; Saturn Phase: Encircling Dread): "The Light is that of hope, yet hope can quickly circle around to fear."
Urano Volta—Gyaku Chokkō-sei(ウラノ·ボルタ—逆直交性; Uranus Phase: Reversed Perpendicularity): "The Light continues on, and so it also continues back."
Nettuno Volta—Sukui no Nigen-sei (ネットゥーノ·ボルタ—救いの二元性; Neptune Phase: Searing Duality): "The dark is as strong as the Light, as it should be."
Plutone Volta—Reitō Fukyōwaon (プルトーネ·ボルタ—冷凍不協和音; Pluto Phase: Frozen Cacophony): "As the Light dies down, the roaring silence fills the air."
Vuoto Volta—Kūkyo (ヴォオト·ボルタ—空虚; Void Phase: Emptiness): "If there is no hope, there is no Light. And yet..."

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PostSubject: Re: Kei Makabe [APPROVED, 1-4]   Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:58 am

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill:40040080

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PostSubject: Re: Kei Makabe [APPROVED, 1-4]   Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:04 am

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [-]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [-]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [-]

Tier: 1-4
Natural Skill Points: 220
Racial Skill Points: 220
Position Bonuses: +30 Captain
Misc. Bonuses: +20 Kido and Hoho, +10 Endurance
Comments/Notes: To Lez, or not to Lez
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PostSubject: Re: Kei Makabe [APPROVED, 1-4]   

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Kei Makabe [APPROVED, 1-4]
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