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 The Kōshin [Custom Race]

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PostSubject: The Kōshin [Custom Race]   Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:16 pm

The Kōshin

The Kōshin (衡神; Balance Gods) are a race of extraordinarily powerful beings that exist outside of the known realms. The easiest way of describing these beings are as “gods" since this is what they are. Many of them exceed comprehension with the unbelievable amount of power they can have. Each of these gods represents a piece of existence and has an opposite to them, such as life and death and light and darkness.

The Kōshin live within the two realms that surround the worlds we know. These realms are called The Ōkigen (王起源; Origin of Kings) and the Kirikagan (霧鏡; Mirror of the Mist). The Ōkigen is the physical realm that the Kōshin live in. The Kirikagan is the ethereal realm that allows the Kōshin to move in and out of their realm to the other realms and observe the other realms, like the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, and the Underworld.

Within the Ōkigen time is a great deal slower than in the known realms, allowing the Kōshin to successfully do their jobs as “gods” and keep the required balance that they stand for.

Within the Kirikagan time stands completely still and acts as a reflection of whatever world the Kōshin wishes to view. They could stay in this world for three hundred years without a second passing in any of the other realms. If this is done, it impacts nothing outside of this realm. Because the Kirikagan exists outside of space time, you don’t age and can’t use your powers within this realm. Training/Advancement doesn't occur here at all.

Things to understand mechanically about the Kōshin,

1. They are listed from "oldest" to "youngest," but there are no actual age "limits" to be place don characters. The first is just older than the second no matter what. Some of them don't even know their age because of how long they've existed.

2. The Kōshin do not interfere with the mortal realms often. They may do small things here and there, but they do not make big decisions. This has been a standing rule since time began. Going against it is cause for great punishment.

3. The Life and Death Kōshin are the most feared as they are the ones who can take life from even the other gods. This is only done if another Kōshin desires death or has gone against the rules to such a degree that they need replaced or gotten rid of.

4. The "newer" or "younger" Kōshin, listed at the bottom of each section, have the ability to be Shinigami chosen by Life and Death. Otherwise, Life and Death create the vessel for the new Kōshin themselves. It often takes the form that the new Kōshin prefers.

5. Kōshin have two forms: Mortal and True. Their Mortal form is what they choose to look like in the Mortal Realms. Their true form is what the naturally look like in their own realm.

6. The Kōshin use the normal tier system, but have an extra "S" tier above "0" tier that is obtainable. While in their mortal form, the Kōshin's energy is condensed for the sake of those within the mortal realm. When this is done, the Kōshin's tier is lowered by one full tier. However, unlike with the other races, lowering their tier does not impact their usable abilities or their skill sheets. It merely lessens energy output. A god is a god.

7. Kami and Oni are not inherently good or evil. However, their observation of the mortal realm has created somewhat of a faded line between them because of how humans fear death and other titles you'll see. In simpler words, the mortal realm's culture has actually influenced the Kōshin's own culture over time. Some may have gained serious egos, while others may have become annoyed and bitter over how they are viewed.

8. Kami and Oni are opposite of each other. While they do not naturally separate themselves in the since of "gods and devils" they do know that each of them has a counterpart. Life has Death, Light has Darkness, and Summer has Winter. These opposites help create a balance within the Mortal world. Their existence keeps things stable and they are forever connected, meaning that if one dies, the other once ceases to exist as well.

List of Kōshin


Life: Claimed by Serenity
Light: Claimed by Serenity
Spring: Claimed by Serenity
Strength: Claimed by Tsubine
Honor: Claimed by Tsubine


Death: Claimed by Tsubine
Winter: Claimed by Tsubine
Sin: Claimed by Serenity
Frailty: Claimed by Serenity

Kōshin Claim/Reserve Template

Character Name: (N/A if unkown)
Type: (Reserve or Claim?)
Desired Title: (Which one?)

[b]Kōshin Claim/Reserve Template[/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Desired Title:[/b]

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The Kōshin [Custom Race]
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