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 The Espada

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PostSubject: The Espada   Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:37 am

Mostly considered a wannabe-organization, the Espada are very new to the world(s). In Hueco Mundo, they've been an idea for quite some time, but only recently have they been brought together to be a fully formed group. They are to the Arrancar what the Gotei are to the Shinigami. They are an organization with a cause and a goal in mind. They try to bring some sort of sense of stability and intelligence to a land once ran wildly. They are currently led by Chikage Kazama, who brought them together with the promise to end suffering for their own kind. While most doubt his ability to deliver on his promise, there are a few that follow him and believe that he will.

The Espada are led by the King. Beneath him are ten powerful Arrancar who have proven loyal to his cause, but mostly to him. Each of them are numbered by the King, but the meaning of each number is not to be assumed. While some assume it's power, others assume it's those he trusts most. Sometimes these numbers change and no one is given the reason as to why. It does not matter as much as you would think because as long as you are a numbered Espada, your words and opinions are equal to the rest. The only person who's words are valued higher are the Kings, who seemingly has no number. In reality, the King's number is 0, but Chikage keeps this hidden.

Beneath each of the Espada are Fracción. The Fracción serve under the Espada proudly and dutifully, whether they like to or not. Those of the Espada respect power among everything else and so if you are weak, you will be treated as such. A weak Arrancar may be treated as a servant, however, each Espada will be different. Some may treat their Fracción as servants while others will treat them as warriors. Fracción will have their own special relationships with those they serve, but the respect and desire for power is always a present mindset. "No one wants a weak leader."

Fracción of the King:

Fracción of #1:

Fracción of #2:

Fracción of #3:

Fracción of #4:

Fracción of #5:

Fracción of #6:

Fracción of #7:

Fracción of #8:

Fracción of #9:

Fracción of #10:

Position Bonuses
0: +60
1-5: +30
6-10: +15

Membership Application:
Character Name: Self-Explanatory
Character App Link: Link to Approved Application or WIP
Qualifications: Character Stats, skills, tier, etc...
Reasons for joining: The character's reasons, not yours.

[b]Membership Application:[/b]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character App Link:[/b]
[b]Reasons for joining:[/b]
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The Espada
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