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 Daisuke Asami [APPROVED; 1-2|A0]

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PostSubject: Daisuke Asami [APPROVED; 1-2|A0]   Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:44 am

Shinigami Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Daisuke Asami
Nicknames/Aliases: Captain of the Third Division
Appearance Age: Late 30s
Actual Age: 756
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Trained Abilities: Daisuke Asami is someone who was forced to train their body to ridiculous standards because his zanpakuto offers little to no help in combat. When your sword is little more than a sword, you must figure out other ways to fight. For Daisuke, the easiest answer was kido, but he trained equally in everything but Hoho. This means that he has a hell of a lot of skill in the fighting techniques, but has sort of neglected his hoho training. He has mastered the flash step like Captains are expected to, but does little else with it since his focus is elsewhere. If Daisuke did not have other things on his mind, and his zanpakuto was different, he would have easily made a better Captain of the Fifth Division, but life took a different turn.

Zanpakuto Name: Miyukotsu
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Expose
Zanpakuto Appearance: A regular black katana with a maroon grip. Nothing special.

Shikai Name: Shinjitsu no Han'i [範囲真実の, Range of Truth]
Shikai Appearance: There is a small sphere of mostly invisible energy, the only noticeable thing being small flashes of energy that look like twinkling stars.

Shikai Abilities: Daisuke's shikai creates a "truth field" in a twenty foot radius around him. Those within the circle are compelled to tell him the truth. For every minute they are within the field, they compulsion becomes stronger and stronger. If they fight to the end, it is possible their mind will break under the pressure that his zanpakuo causes, so in many cases it is easier to just give in and tell the truth. The length of time one can hold out varies person by person. However, for combat reasons: 5-tier usually break within seconds of his bankai's release, 4-tier break within two rounds, 3-tier break within four rounds, 2-tier break within six rounds 1-tier break within ten rounds, and 0-tier break within fifteen rounds. These numbers are based around the longest lasting, so characters with weaker wills will still break sooner even if their tier is different. Of course, this goes same with the reverse, where stronger willed characters can still last longer than their tier states here. Ability only used in events and/or with permission.

Bankai Name: Seijitsu-sa no yoake [誠実さの夜明け, Dawn of Honesty]
Bankai Appearance: See below. No Appearance Change.

Bankai Abilities: Daisuke's bankai doesn't "release" like others do. Daisuke's bankai activates when he stabs his blade into the head of another. This, to the surprise of anyone with a brain, does not kill the person. Instead, it accesses the depths of their mind, collecting all of their memories and allowing him to watch them as if he were standing right there. Daisuke has the ability to collect memories that even the person he is using this on doesn't realize they have. Once he is done searching through their memories, he can pick and choose which ones that he wants to keep. The memories he's chosen are stored within his zanpakuto and can be replayed in his mind or in similar ways to a hologram for others to see. In continuation, Daisuke can also alter any memories he searches through to his own liking, giving false memories if he chooses. Another ability only used in event threads or with owner permission.

Character Synopsis

Daisuke Asami is meant to be a source of suspicion for some of the other Captains and good friends with others. While he is very friendly and laid back, Captain K. Saionji will still see Daisuke as a possible threat as he delves deeper into files he doesn't have access to. As a Captain, Daisuke gives his members quite a bit of freedom as long as they understand what happens if they take on too much. He won't hold someone back.

For example, if a Tenth Seat comes along wanting a Lieutenant-level mission, he'll deny them. However, if a Fourth Seat wants the same thing, he'll ask "Are you confident enough in your abilities to take this on? Are you willing to deal with the consequences if you fail?" He won't send someone in to die, but he won't deny them if they feel they deserve the chance and can succeed. He's learned that once they answer those questions, they often deny themselves and are more careful on their own.

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Posts : 169
Join date : 2018-07-01
Age : 26
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Asami [APPROVED; 1-2|A0]   Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:34 am

Last edited by [TheSerenity] on Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:05 pm; edited 3 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Asami [APPROVED; 1-2|A0]   Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:00 pm

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [×]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [×]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [×]

Tier: 1-2
Combat Prowess: A0
Natural Skill Points: 240
Racial Skill Points: 210
Position Bonuses: Captain (+30)
Skill Boosts: Zanjutsu IV (+40); Hakuda III (+30); Endurance III (+30)
Comments/Notes: CHANGE IMPLEMENTED (Mar. 5th, 2019) to New Tier/Skill system.

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PostSubject: Re: Daisuke Asami [APPROVED; 1-2|A0]   

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Daisuke Asami [APPROVED; 1-2|A0]
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