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PostSubject: Mikazuki   Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:20 am


The Mikazuki (胥變月; Moon Which Changes Together) is the organization that represents the interests of the Shōjin. The Mikazuki is spread out over a much larger region than its closest counterpart, the Gotei 13, although they are headquartered in Sayamachi. Because of this and the lack of a central “school” for the organization, its hierarchy is more loose. This is more akin to a regulated militia than a standing army. There is no “person in charge of x sector,” but there are specific people in charge of certain duties--such as Research and Development, archives, etc. Unlike the Gotei, who spends most of its time fighting Hollows and balancing the Soul Cycle, the Mikazuki mostly help around the Shōjin in various non-combat ways. This can be rebuilding structures to running errands. They do still help out if combat ensues, as it does utilize many Shinigami and Vizards, but they are more like all-around assistance than the Gotei is.


The ranks are broken down into the following, and are represented by a symbol of a moon in one of its various phases either embroidered onto clothing or worn as a piece of jewelry.

New Moon: A solid black circle. These are the new recruits in the organization. The run of the mill Mikazuki members.

Half Moon: A half-black, half-silver circle. The Half-Moon members are some of the most experienced and elite members of the Mikazuki. These people have become valued members of the Mikazuki and usually are either assigned to command small operations or have more specialized duties.

Full Moon: An entirely silver circle. There is only one Full Moon at a time, as they are the leader of the Mikazuki.

Other Branches

Named Moon: The Named Moons are personal advisors, guards, and assistants to the Full Moon. Each of them wear a second armband with the first letter of their chosen moon. There will only ever be one owner of a named moon. The current list of taken named moons are: Rhea, Titania, Hyperion, Dione. Named Moons can be of any rank.

The Eclipses: The two eclipses are groups within the Mikazuki that  exist outside of the normal chain of command. Each of them has a specific Half-Moon that is in charge of them. The specific person in charge wears both the symbol for a Half-Moon and the Eclipse they work for. The Half-Moon in charge of an Eclipse wears both the armband of the Eclipse and the Half-Moon. Members of an Eclipse are not allowed to take orders from another member of the Mikazuki except for the Full Moon or a Named Moon.

Solar Eclipse: A black circle with a silver band around it. Solar Eclipse members are those who are tasked with dangerous missions, usually outside of the Soul Society. Most of the time, these missions end up being responding to some move the Gotei 13 made.

Lunar Eclipse: A red circle with a black band around it. The Lunar Eclipse are those who have been put into research and development as well as record-keeping within the Mikazuki. Although nowhere near as sophisticated as the Gotei 13’s SRDI, the Lunar Eclipse does its best.


Full Moon: Asra El-Sayeed

Named Moons:

  • Kanna Hanashiro (Elara)

Half Moon:

  • Kanna Hanashiro
  • Kyōgo Akabane
  • TBA

New Moon:

  • Minato Chiba
  • TBA
  • TBA

Solar Gibbous:

Solar Eclipse:

  • Yūki Urushibara
  • TBA
  • TBA

Lunar Gibbous:

Lunar Eclipse:

  • Hazuki Kanae
  • TBA
  • TBA

Position Bonuses:
Full Moon: +50 to All Natural Stats, +35 to All Racial Stats
Half Moon: +20 to All Natural Stats, +15 to All Racial Stats
Named Moon: Additional +20 to All Stats
Solar Eclipse: Additional +5 to All Natural Stats
Vizards: All Vizards get an additional +15 to Hollow Control

Name: (Your character's name)
Rank Requesting: (What rank you are applying for)
Link to App:
How Long in Position: (How long your character has held this specific position)
Notes: (Anything extra about your application, such as why you should be in this position; required for Gibbous!)
[b]Name:[/b] (Your character's name)
[b]Rank Requesting:[/b] (What rank you are applying for)
[b]Link to App:[/b]
[b]How Long in Position:[/b] (How long your character has held this specific position)
[b]Notes:[/b] (Anything extra about your application, such as why you should be in this position; required for Gibbous!)
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