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 Leonhardt August [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Leonhardt August [FINISHED]   Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:11 pm

Kōshin Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Leonhardt August
Nicknames/Aliases: Leon;
Kōshin Type: Kami of Strength
Gender: Male
Height: 7'5
Weight: 380 lbs

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Equipment: Leo has a pair of cross-shaped greatswords that take the form of bracelets when not in use. They can shrink and grow to their full size on command.

Trained Abilities:

Strength Embodiment: Leonhardt is the physical embodiment of Strength. This isn't just strength as in how much someone can lift. No, he's the embodiment of strength of will. He's the embodiment of people trying to overcome challenges. He's the fusion of a bodybuilder, a courageous knight, and that one nerd who finally stands up to a bully. He's their patron deity. To put his concept another way, he's the Kōshin of Overcoming Challenges. Whether through physical force, willpower, or courage, that is Strength. There are no challenges he cannot overcome.

Hand-to-Hand Master: Leonhardt is one of the Kōshin that really likes watching people. He finds their struggles amusing, or rather he likes to see the creative ways people get over their struggles. Nothing disappoints him more than people who give up. Bruce Lee once famously said "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times." Leonhardt would have replied "but what if I practice 10,000 kicks 10,000 times?" He actually did. It's made Mr. Lee a mute as he thinks on the answer to that one. Leo can identify every school of martial arts that has existed in the World of the Living and within the Soul Society. He's even found a few in Hueco Mundo. Due to basically being immortal and living in a timeless realm, he's practiced. A lot.

True Form Appearance:

True Form Abilities:

Manu Forte: (With a Strong Hand) Due to his embodiment of the concept of Strength, he has a +90 to Strength and a +45 to Endurance in his True Form. Within his Second Seal, that is lowered to a +60 is Strength and a +30 in Endurance. Within his first Seal, that is lowered to a +30 in Strength and a +15 in Endurance.

Virtus Tentamine Gaudet: (Strength Rejoices in the Challenge) Leonhardt can adjust his Strength Score at will to the skill point maximum depending on his Seal Level. Within his First Seal, he can manipulate it up to 240. Within his Second Seal, he can manipulate it up to 270. In his True Form, he can manipulate it to 300. This means he can make himself 1 point stronger than the person he's fighting up to his maximum. The way this works is that he's effectively "storing" strength within himself. This "pool" of Strength points within him cannot be affected by outside forces. Thus if his strength is reduced, he can tap into his pool to increase his Strength however many points he has stored.

A Fortiori: (From the Stronger) Leonhardt can spread his strength to people close to him. If someone is within 25 yards of him, he can spread his strength points out to that person. This is done at a 1:2 ratio (if he gives someone 1 of his strength, their strength goes up by 2). His strength goes down by the amount he gives out. As long as they stay within 10 miles of him, this effect remains.

Vana Sine Viribus Ira Est: (Anger is Futile Without a Strong Hand) When Leonhardt's strength is above 240, his damage output is increased significantly. When above 240, his damage starts to hurt more than just simple bruises and broken bones. Every hit at that point does 5 damage to Strength and Durability against anyone who is hit by it. At above 270, that is increased to 10 damage to Strength and Durability. This damage is healed after a day's rest for every 10 points of damage. He can only leave a person a 1 Strength or Durability. He can not reduce them to 0 with this ability.

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat: (Fortune Favors the Strong) The only ability Leonhardt can activate only within his True Form. Leo partially activates his Phasing ability, slowing down everything outside of the sphere. The sphere has a diameter of 20 feet and does not move. He shrinks down to the size of his mortal form. But that's not what this ability is for. A single person is named his Opponent. Both of their Durability and Strength are equaled out, rising to the higher of the two. These skills are maxed out and have all variables maxed out (so if someone has a Bankai that increases their Strength, they fight at their Bankai-level Strength). Weapons are teleported to the outside of the ring, as is armor. It then becomes a no-holds-barred fistfight until one of them yields, is unconscious, or dead. [This is mainly a plot power]

Character Synopsis Leonhardt is the Embodiment of Strength, and as such he has many qualities that strong people have. He's kind, generous, boisterous, hammier than a butcher's shop, fun-loving, egotistical, and most importantly, Brave. Leonhardt, or Leo, doesn't back down from a fight because he might lose. Losing isn't in his dictionary, unless it describes other people.

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Posts : 134
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PostSubject: Re: Leonhardt August [FINISHED]   Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:25 pm

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Weapon Skill:
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Leonhardt August [FINISHED]
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