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 Fàn Xuěfēng [WIP]

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PostSubject: Fàn Xuěfēng [WIP]   Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:07 am

Shinigami Character Template

Basic Information

Name: 范血峰 Fàn Xuěfēng
Alias: Igata Yukihō ( いがた ゆきホウ; her name' reading her teachers erroneously used)
Nicknames: Vampire of Unarikawa
Appearance Age: ~18
Actual Age: 466
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: 133lbs

Character Power Set

Equipment: (Whatever random crap you come up with.)

Trained Abilities:
  • :
  • :


Zanpakuto Name: Kofude 粉筆; Powder Brush)

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Exsanguinate (Chōu xiě, Yomigaeru)
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Zanpakuto Spirit World: (Optional)

Shikai Name: Fěnbǐ/Kofude (粉筆; Powder Brush)
Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities: Kofude's Shikai takes the form of a Chinese jian with a fan-shaped blade attached to the hilt via a 4-foot-long ribbon. Kofude's main ability takes the form of using blood as ink. The fan blade absorbs any blood it comes into contact with, and so it always appears spotless. The ink travels up the ribbon and into the sword. Ink will splash out from the blade with each swing as long as the fan blade has ink. After a brief delay (any time one post after the ink is sprayed, roughly within a minute), any ink erases itself—this includes what it was splashed on. The erasure only affects the area it was splashed on. Thus, if it is on a lamp post it will only erase the portion ink was on, not the entire structure. The ink can be washed off with water or just by taking off clothing it was splashed on. But if it isn't, it doesn't stop the erasure. What is erased turns into a fine black powder, hence the Zanpakutou's name.

Bankai Name: Gǎixiě Xuè Mò/Arataru Chisumi (改寫血墨; Rewritten Blood Ink)
Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:
Arataru Chisumi is one of the few Zanpakutou specifically barred from release. One of the reasons a Zanpakutou might be classified as such is the reason of indiscriminate abilities. While something like an area-of-effect heal would be fine, something like Arataru Chisumi is not. Even an area-of-effect damage is allowed until it reaches a certain thresh-hold. But Arataru Chisumi's indiscrimination comes not from raw destruction. Arataru Chisumi takes Kofude's ink creation to the next level. Those who know the power of her Bankai ended up giving her the nickname of "Vampire of Unarikawa."

It simply starts taking blood around her. Blood within 10 yards of herself, even inside the body, begins flowing towards her. If it is still within someone, it takes about fifteen rounds of posting to completely drain someone. At 3 posts of draining, they are light-headed. At 6 rounds they begin to start feeling more of the lesser effects of hypovolemic shock—nausea, fatigue, sweating. All physical stats are reduced by 10. At 9 rounds, the effects are obvious as hypovolemic shock. Their core temperature lowers, their skin becomes clammy, and their breathing is faster but more shallow. All physical stats are reduced by 30. At 12 rounds, loss of consciousness usually occurs. If not, they have a far weaker pulse than is normal, their lips and fingernails turn blue, and their skin is as pale as a corpse's.

Within 100 yards of her, any spilled blood streams towards her. Open wounds do the same. It takes between two and three times as long to drain someone via an open wound than it does to do so via proximity. No matter if it is via close or far proximity, the blood always flows in large droplets towards her. She can easily be found by following the blood streams. Any blood that comes to her becomes antigenically and antibodily amorphous, effectively removing the blood type and RhD values altogether.

She carries two copies of her Shikai's sword minus the ribbon as her weapons-of-choice. Both of them can spray ink like her Shikai could. The ink behaves the same way her Shikai does, although the swords instantly convert it upon ability use instead of it being stored in a ribbon. The unprocessed blood is stored within her body, giving her an immunity to the effects of having too much blood. However, that is not the only thing her Bankai can do. From her fingertips or sword tips, she can release a concentrated blast of ink. Mechanically, it's very similar to a Cero, but much thinner and weaker—and it counts as a physical attack rather than energy-based. It's effectively a water jet, just with blood-ink instead of water.

The most unexpected ability within her Bankai is that of healing someone who accepts a specific attack from her. By biting into the vein of someone who has been injured, she can give them blood she has stored within herself. This begins healing (albeit imperfectly) wounds and restores any loss blood. The blood she has within herself has no particular type and she can convert blood to whatever type she desires. Healing in this manner also flushes out impurities in the target, and due to the rich nature of the blood it can even briefly invigorate them (+10 to all physical stats for 3 posts). It is important to note that the wound caused by her biting can not be healed supernaturally, and healing can take weeks if not months to do naturally. It also does not bleed and is immune to infection. She can not drain blood from her bite either, only give blood back.

Character Synopsis

The former Lieutenant of the First Division under Fu Endo up until a month before his death. Xuefeng is someone who feels that if anyone is worthy of the 1st Division Lieutenant's spot, it's her without a doubt. She knows the duties better than most—having to do a bit of her former Captain's duties too—but moreso that she believes the current Lieutenant is a waste of space. Having not liked him from when he was the Sixth Division's Lieutenant, Joshua Jehanna is, as a whole, one of her pet peeves.

Her Bankai was banned from being released unless Special Wartime Powers have been enacted or a Special State of Emergency declared. This is not just within the Toryouseiku, but also within the Shoujintoku and World of the Living. The punishment for doing so without proper authorization is death.

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Fàn Xuěfēng [WIP]
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