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 Raia Kazakova [Approved; 1-2, A1]

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PostSubject: Raia Kazakova [Approved; 1-2, A1]   Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:43 pm

Shinigami Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Irisa Anasenko
Nicknames/Aliases: Raia Kazakova
Appearance Age: Mid-to-late 20s
Actual Age: 1960
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 144 lbs

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Equipment: Raia has access to an assortment of various weapons—all of which are masterly-crafted.

Trained Abilities:

Poison Expert: Although her protogé is far more skilled with poison, he learned most of it from her. She is capable of identifying most natural poisons, and she knows the proper procedures for usage of all common and most uncommon poisons.

Hohō: (Expert) Raia was decent with Hohō. She was nowhere near the fastest, nor did she ever earn a title like some of the other Captains. Raia's skill was slightly higher than an average Captain's.

Zanjutsu: (Master) Raia's true skill was her Zanjutsu. Her Zanpakutō's long blade would be unwieldy to most, but she had the determination to make it work. Although she could not match him now, she was matched with J. Saionji during her prime. Her skill emphasized one thing: making opponents underestimate the blade's speed. She had trained herself to use iaijutsu techniques with the unwieldy blade, and so her swinging speed was comparable to if she were swinging a wakizashi.

Kidō: (Expert) Raia's skill with Kidō comes entirely from her skill with Bakudō. She barely knows how to use Hadō properly. Her skill with Hadō is equivalent to 1/2 her overall skill with Kidō while her skill with Bakudō is equivalent to 50% more than her overall skill.

Hakuda: (Master) Raia's second-most notable skill. She taught Kazuo Saionji the foundations for everything she knew. He just knows how to strike quicker than she could. She is not comparable to the Three Fists, but she is above most other Captains when it comes to her skill.

Zanpakuto Name: Shiu (死有; Instant of Death)
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Feast
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Shikai Name: Shiu (死有; Instant of Death)
Shikai Appearance: Shiu can take the form of a variety of weapons. Notably, a red spear, a three-sectioned staff, a katana, a dagger, or a bow.

Shikai Abilities: All of her abilities come from her weapon. If she strikes something living (cannot be a random NPC off of the street) she gainst a stack of Satsuriku (殺戮; lit. Slaughter). She can only gain one stack per strike per round. A stack does not do anything on its own. At five stacks and every five thereafter, Raia can stack an additional time per round. This means if the thread goes on for 16 rounds, she would be able to apply 10 stacks per strike if she lands a strike every round. At ten stacks, Raia unlocks Gyakusatsu (虐殺; lit. Massacre). Gyakusatsu is effectively an "overdrive" form. It is most effective in areas of death—hospitals, funeral homes, graveyards, etc.

Gyakusatsu lasts for one post per five stacks gained, meaning she can only use it for two rounds the moment it is unlocked. While in Gyakusatsu, Raia can no longer gain stacks of Satsuriku. Gyakusatsu increases Raia's killing potential by double every round, starting at a base increase of 25%. This means she would need 15 stacks of Satsuriku to reach 100% for example. Currently, the limit on her Gyakusatsu is 1000%, but this can be increased through further exposure with Gyakusatsu.

Gyakusatsu works by making her blows more lethal. This does not increase her strength or speed. No, it infuses her body with "intent to cause death." This means that her strikes aim for areas that would cause lethal damage. Her mind becomes more attuned to what will cause a killing blow. Each increase makes her more accurate and allows her more insight into anatomy. At 1000%, Raia would become capable of killing an average, unpowered human (5-5) with a single strike with minimum effort. The reason it works that way is that her intent to kill needs to break through their energy. Note that 1000% requires 10 rounds worth of Gyakusatsu—or 50 stacks (16 rounds of a strike landing). The more times Raia reaches close to her limit, the closer she gets to increasing that limit by up to 1000% (in increments of 50%). If she goes over the limit, Raia's body cannot handle the excess "intent" and begins to fight itself. For every round she spends above 1000%, Raia's body begins attacking and killing itself. In three rounds above 1000%, Raia's body would completely destroy itself.

The math for how many rounds is in the following chart it takes to for maximum efficiency per tier is below:

Bankai Name: Kōmori'i Reien (凍守居霊園; Caretaker of the Frozen Cemetery)
Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities: Kōmori'i Reien is one of the Zanpakutō known for its deceptive destructive capabilities. No, it will not flatten a city block. No, it will not burn away towns. But it can very easily leave all of that empty of life.

Within half of a mile of Raia, a field of death appears. This is known as Kusaba Ansoku (草場安息; Meadow of Repose). Kusaba Ansoku puts the temperature at a fair 66.6°F with a gentle breeze that pushes away from Raia at about 4 miles-per-hour. Within this area, normal plant life immediately begins wilting and withering. Animals create noise and try to escape from the area. Kōmori'i Reien is a zone of death. Those killed by Kōmori'i Reien do not immediately go into the Soul Cycle and are instead kept within the Shitaijō (死体城; Castle of Cadavers) until the next release of her Bankai. When Kōmori'i Reien is released, those killed by it are immediately expelled in the form of screaming faces escaping the gate that is opened.

Raia is unable to leave the Kusaba Ansoku, but within it she is queen. Simply being within Kusaba Ansoku starts applying stacks of Satsuriku—but very differently than in Shikai. Satsuriku now can not be applied by striking. Being within the effective radius causes stacks to accumulate at the same rate as in Shikai. These stack with any previously-accumulated stacks. However, there is no limit to how much one can be stacked with. She also does not have the ability to enter Gyakusatsu. The true ability of Kōmori'i Reien is Shikei (死刑; Death Sentence). Shikei is Gyakusatsu's ability applied to everyone (excluding Raia herself) within the area of effect. It can only be applied when everyone in that area has the proper number of Satsuriku stacks. The difference between Gyakusatsu and Shikei is that Shikei does not need to ramp up. It is immediately at full power. The main drawback of this is that the stronger the opponent (and allies) in the area, the longer it takes to occur. If one steps out of the area, then their stacks degrade at a rate of 5 per round.

NOTE: Kōmori'i Reien can not be fully released without a sacrifice upon her Zanpakutō. A normal release is only at 50% of its power. The radius and gain of stacks of Satsuriku are halved. A full release is described above. A half-release changes her outfit as well.

Character Synopsis
Raia Kazakova is the previous Captain of the Second Division. About 50 years after Fu Endo's death, Raia too was reported to have died... That was a lie. Or rather, it was a falsehood. She has been recovering for the past few centuries from something that would have been fatal to anyone else. Time has moved on, but she hasn't. Raia has been plotting revenge against the man who killed her, and she plans on showing him just how to kill properly.

Raia served as the Captain of the 2nd Division for nearly a millenium before nearly-dying. No one, not even Kazuo Saionji, knows how to kill as effeciently as she can. Death is her domain, and she is its queen. She would have been one of the stronger Captains during her time in the Gotei—rated beneath the Three Fists. However, she has been practically bedridden for quite a few years and so she isn't in her top condition.

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Posts : 134
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PostSubject: Re: Raia Kazakova [Approved; 1-2, A1]   Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:42 am

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill:803030140

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PostSubject: Re: Raia Kazakova [Approved; 1-2, A1]   Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:26 pm

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [X]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [X]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [X]

Tier: 1-2
Combat Prowess: A1
Natural Skill Points: 240
Racial Skill Points: 200
Position Bonuses: +30 Capt, +10 Hoho 2nd Division
Skill Boosts: III (30) Zanjutsu, II (20) Hakuda, III (30) Speed, II (20) Agility
Comments/Notes: CHANGE IMPLEMENTED (Mar. 5th, 2019) to New Tier/Skill system.
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PostSubject: Re: Raia Kazakova [Approved; 1-2, A1]   

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Raia Kazakova [Approved; 1-2, A1]
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