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 Kaito Soriz Toma [Approved; 0-4, S2]

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PostSubject: Kaito Soriz Toma [Approved; 0-4, S2]   Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:46 am

♦ Basics ♦
♦ Name
Kaito Soriz Toma

♦ Nicknames
The Tower or The Towering Captain
The Third Great Fist of the Gotei
Fukugen-sha (Referring to the restoration of the Gotei 13 after the Great Civil War, Shared)
Who Shakes the Heavens

♦ Age

♦ Gender

♦ Affiliation/Rank
Captain of the Tenth Division

♦ Appearance Description
Kaito is not a man who blends into a crowd.  One could blame that on a number of factors; he has a vibrant personality that abhors the vary concept of quietness, with a deep booming voice that when raised to a shout can shake people's bones.  One could also try and blame it on his infectious smile and self confident attitude.  Mostly, however, it is his height.  Kaito stands head and shoulders above almost every other Shinigami, which when combined with the previously listed features makes it rather obvious why one knows when the Captain of the Tenth has returned to the normal quiet streets of the Seireitei.  Kaito possesses the frame to go with his towering height, made of muscle and fighting reflexes.  He keeps his hair trimmed short along with his beard, save for the ponytail in the back.  Despite his age, he is in remarkable shape, and his body bears the scars from a life of conflict with monsters and shinigami alike.

♦ Height

♦ Weight

♦ Appearance Picture

♦ Personality
Kaito is a loud, confident man who has little want or reason to withhold his opinion from much of anyone.  That confidence has been a thing as far back as anyone has a living memory of, and in many ways Kaito had to grow into being able to back up that confidence.  Nowadays, the Towering Captain has more than earned his bravado and confidence, and he greets most days and challenges with a smile.  Woe be unto the creature though that manages to spark the ire of this Captain, for his retribution will be swift and destructive.  Kaito is not one to toy with opponents or draw things out generally, but considering his specialties in combat if you happen to be one of the few who makes it worth his time to take his time, you'll have wished you weren't so dumb.  While many would see him as often brash or even unthinking, Kaito has a quick mind tempered by a long stretch of experience.  Laid-back but to the point, Kaito is generally fun to have around.  Which is why its a pity he so rarely is around; he takes his job of patrolling the Crimson Edge and its surroundings very seriously, to the point that he is regularly out of the Seireitei for upwards of a year at a time.

♦ Natural Abilities ♦

♦ Legendary Physical Strength
As one would suspect from seeing Kaito, he possesses immense physical strength to go with his towering size.  His life has been one of relatively constant combat, from his time during the Great Civil War to the modern era patrolling the Crimson Edge, and one of the few things Kaito Soriz Toma has been able to rely on is the strength of his own hands.  Add in his penchant for resorting to unarmed combat or the use of a sword and it is little wonder that Kaito prioritized his strength.  It is not by coincidence that he was grouped with his fellow Fists.

♦ Boundless Durability and Endurance
As one would expect when learning that Kaito regularly patrols the vast dessert of Hueco Mundo beyond the Crimson Edge to keep it safe, Kaito's durability and endurance are nearly as storied among the Tenth Division memebers as Kaito's strength.  Possessing no ability in Kaido to keep himself healthy in his world of battle, Kaito had to learn to be tough and persevere through whatever mess he got himself into, as well as figure out how to get himself out of it.  It is also these traits that give the second meaning known to the Tenth Division to his nickname 'The Tower'.

♦ Bursts of Speed
Kaito is not what one would call a “speedster” generally.  However, he has learned how to leverage his strength to his advantage to grant himself surprising amounts of speed over short distances.  What this breaks down to mean is that Kaito gains a bonus to his speed stat equal to a quarter of his strength, but only when determining his speed over short distances (generally 20 meters or less).  This makes him dangerous to deal with in close quarters (his preferred range) because he can close the distance at a far greater speed than one would initially guess.

♦ Racial Combat Abilities ♦

♦ Hakuda
Kaito is known as one of the 'Four Fists of the Gotei 13,' and as one would expect from that moniker he is exceedingly skilled in this area of combat.  While general his general striking ability is far above most Shinigami, his specialty is actually a strange one; he specializes in grapples, locks, and holds.  It is honestly only because of his immense strength and durability that is able to overpower the normally psychically superior Hollows and place them into those holds, and they have yielded both storied and terrifying results.  If you poke around the Tenth Division enough, you'll get the stories that are more humorous; how their Captain once put a Menos Grande into an ankle lock and got it to tap out; much laughter accompanies that story generally.  Then there is the story of how Kaito fought an Arrancar and placed it into what amounted to a bear hug.  He held it there, its bones crushed and broken, as the creature's regeneration worked against it.  He did not do so for overly long, merely long enough to stop the creature from resisting; he then put the creature out of its misery.  There is no laughter with this story.

♦ Hoho
While Kaito is very much practiced in the use of Shunpo, his proficiency truly stops there.  He's never hunted into the higher tiers of the Hoho techniques.  Truthfully, Kaito has become very efficient in his Shunpo use but mainly in terms of using it for longer distance travel, not truly for his use in combat.

♦ Kaido
Kaito does not have any skill or even access to Kaido skill.

♦ Kidou
Surprisingly, Kaito is quite proficient in his use of Kidou.  Generally speaking, his kidou leans more towards fast and dirty rather than elegant or efficient.

♦ Zanjutsu
Unsurprisingly, Kaito is quite skilled with his use of Zanjutsu though nowhere near the level of mastery many others in the Gotei display.  His style is of heavier strikes and sweeping swings, making use of his natural reach and strength to cleaves through swaths of area.

♦ Zanpaku-tou ♦

♦ Zanpaku-tou Spirit Name
Hametsu 破滅 (Ruin)

♦ Zanpaku-tou Spirit Appearance

♦ Sealed Zanpaku-tou Appearance

♦ Release Phrase
Rend asunder

♦ Shikai Appearance
Hametsu's Shikai is specifically the gloves Kaito is seen wearing in the above picture.

♦ Shikai Abilities
Physical Ability Increase
While released to Shikai, Hametsu increases all of Kaito's physical ability scores by 20.

Ruinous Wave
The primary ability of Hametsu is simple in theory, with a great deal of complexity when applied practically.  Kaito is able to project explosive blasts of reiatsu from his fists.  These blasts calculate their strength and damage off Kaito's Strength stat.  For the purposes of this calculation, his strength is considered 10 points higher.

When Kaito originally unlocked his Shikai the degree of control he possessed over it was minimal, which resulted in a high degree of collateral damage as well as damage to himself.  In the centuries he's had to use his Shikai however he has attained a truly terrifying degree of control over these explosions.  He is able to not only adjust their strength, but is able to adjust the shape of the blast, the area of effect, and the distance at which the explosion happens.  He is able to delay the explosion until its point of origin is more than 60 meters from him.  The maximum radius of these explosions is 15 meters.

Through this control, Kaito has learned several different uses of this ability to attain previously unanticipated utility, such as detonating the explosions behind his enemies to force them forward into him or channeling the explosion down and into the ground and triggering a second explosion to throw the explosion back up and out of the ground around him.  It is dangerous to underestimate not only the ability by the man using it.

♦ Bankai Name
Yoake no Hametsu (Dawn of Ruin or Ruinous Dawn) 夜明け破滅

♦ Bankai Description
Blinding light, roaring sound, and the World quakes.  Falling silence, drifting ash, the World mourns the passing; Yoake no Hametsu is as simple in description as devastating in effect.  Its a huge fuck-off explosion.

♦ Bankai Abilities
Yoake no Hametsu could technically be described as more of an attack than a true Bankai, as it arguably does not possess a new form.  Instead, Yoake no Hametsu is a single explosion but on a scale orders of magnitude larger than anything from Kaito's shikai.  Yoake no Hametsu is the spiritual equivalent to a nuclear explosion; the fireball itself from the explosion burns at an incredible heat and is over half a mile wide.  The fireball, however, is only the most visible part the attack, and its effects extend out much farther.  The thermal bloom of heat from the blast rolls out over a mile and a half in all directions, causing massive damage to those caught within it leading to 3rd degree burns or worse.  Strangely, much of those burns could end up being painless, as the nerves that would be sending the pain signals do not survive the encounter.  The blast wave of air pressure, however, extends out even beyond that.  The most devastating effects of the blast wave begin to taper off just outside a mile from the epicenter of the blast, but the air pressure continues to be strong enough to shatter windows and cause light damage to structures and people caught with it for over two and a half miles.  These radius' are all assuming that Kaito is standing on the ground when his Bankai is released.  If he were somehow able to detonate in the air, things become much worse.

Accompanying the blast, and for some time after, there is an additional effect.  Yoake no Hametsu possesses an 'EMP-like' effect, disrupting the flow of reiatsu in the area.  This primarily results in kidou and similar ability being unstable or unusable.  Zanpaku-tous that rely on such forces to work will find there effects either greatly dampened or even non-functioning.  This does in fact apply to Hametsu, as effectively Kaito's shikai becomes unusable in the area.  This disrupted area stretches out roughly a mile from the epicenter.  Additionally, Kaito is not fully immune to this blast.  Instead, Kaito's Durability is doubled against the explosion and then the damage is calculated.  Depending on how worn down he is, this means that the blast can inflict massive damage on himself with its use.  After his Bankai is used, Kaito takes a -30 point penalty to his Durability stat which can only be healed naturally.  Generally speaking, with rest and care this means that he suffers from this penalty for roughly a month.  

Speaking technically, Kaito is capable of using his Bankai multiple times even in a day.  However,  the above penalty is cumulative with itself; every time he uses his Bankai the penalty increase which in turn increases the amount of strain and damage Kaito takes for using his Bankai.  Also, he is unable to use his Bankai within the radius of a previous Bankai.  For obvious reasons, Kaito's Bankai is a heavily restricted ability.  He is expressly forbidden from releasing his Bankai within the Crimson Edge or upon the World of the Living.

♦ Skill Sheets ♦

Natural Skill Sheet

Racial Skill Sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Kaito Soriz Toma [Approved; 0-4, S2]   Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:03 am

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [-]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [-]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [-]

Tier: 0-4
Combat Prowess: S2
Natural Skill Points: 270
Racial Skill Points: 230
Position Bonuses: +30 to all (Capt), +5 to all racial skills (Division)
Skill Boosts: VI (60) Strength, V (50) Durability, IV (40) Hakuda
Comments/Notes: Art is an explosion.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaito Soriz Toma [Approved; 0-4, S2]   Tue Mar 05, 2019 8:57 pm

Kaito Patch Notes Update v1.1 [March 5th, 2019]
• Updated Genpaku to the new stat system.
Old Stats

New Stats
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PostSubject: Re: Kaito Soriz Toma [Approved; 0-4, S2]   

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Kaito Soriz Toma [Approved; 0-4, S2]
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