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 Joshua Jehanna [APPROVED, 2-2|A-3]

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PostSubject: Joshua Jehanna [APPROVED, 2-2|A-3]   Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:44 am


• Name:
Joshua Jehanna

• Gender:

• Appearance Age:

• Age:

• Affiliation/Rank:
The Gotei 13,  First Division, Vice-Captain[Pending]

• Appearance Description:
Joshua has a lithe build of about average height.  Exact measurements put him at five ten to five eleven, and a hundred and fifty pounds.  He is not the kind of man who blends into a crowd; he has long hair that goes down to the middle of his back that is a deep red color, similar to blood.  He has deep brown eyes that usually hold the light of a joke in them; by that I mean it is rare to find Joshua in any mood other than laid back, joking, and lazy.  He strays into serious during real fights, but even then he’s likely to crack a joke or two and make conversation, much to the annoyance of many of the people he’s fought.

Even the way Joshua dresses makes him stand out, especially in the Seireitei.  He eschews the normal garb of the Shinigami for garb similar to what he wore during life.  A long dark coat between navy and black that he keeps buttoned at the top, and a matching hat both with some gold /orange highlighting replaces the traditional black garb of the Shinigami.  He keeps his arms wrapped in bandages for the most part.  A pair of light pants and brown, supple boots complete the outfit.

• Appearance Picture:

• Personality:
Joshua is a laid-back individual, well known for slacking off his work to either nap somewhere or to gamble.  He finds that life is best lived if enjoyed, and so does things more on a whim than most.  This has gotten him into trouble in the past sure, but it doesn't mean he would change his actions even now.  If there is work to be done, he'd rather be off enjoying a good skirmish, napping, gambling, or generally doing something enjoyable; this of course has its limits.  He puts little stock in most of the ranks, and constantly tells those in his own division to skip the formalities and relax.

Though many question Joshua's credentials due to his general lack of work ethic and attitude, few can debate his loyalty.  Joshua would give his life for those he fights beside, though he'll use his blade to keep them safe long before it comes to that.  He holds most of his loyalty to his Division, though his loyalty to the Gotei overall has never been in question.

Above most, Joshua is a people person.  He has an outgoing nature that makes conversation easy both for him and with him.  While he may be a lazy vice-captain when it comes to work, he has one of the best relationships with the members of his division.  He is by nature a kind person, willing to help others if they need it.  Especially if they are women.  He has a flirtatious streak a mile long, though for the most part he’s harmless.

This mostly refers to how he handles battle; he is a confident and composed combatant.  In the chaos of battle has proven to be a calm center.  While he is not the best are giving out orders to other people he is good at getting his own jobs down, and at leading by example.

This is probably the biggest reason that, despite acting like he doesn’t want to deal with it, he has never missed a shift on Earth.  He cares for people, both those he fights with and those who get caught in the fighting.  He doesn’t like to see people in pain or being drawn up into a fight that they have nothing to do with.

Though he doesn’t let on about it much, Joshua has a certain amount of cunning in him.  Enough that he has cheated to get the outcomes he wants out of several of his bets.  Believe it or not though, these outcomes are almost always beneficial.  He cheated a coin toss to join the Shinigami Academy, after all.

Luck over Ability
More of an overarching thought rather than a true piece of his personality, it influences his personality all the same to a great degree.  He is quoted as believing that lives are based more on luck than on skill.  Because, “You can have all the skill in the world and still have a bad day,” to quote Joshua.  That doesn’t mean that he believes skill to be useless; he simply believes that luck has more to play with fights than most want to believe.

• Likes:
Gambling, fighting, women, jokes, lazy afternoons, food

Natural  Abilities

Quick Reference*
Zanjutsu - 9/10
Kidō - 7/10
Hohō - 7/10
Hakuda - 3/10
*: These numbers are subjective to Joshua's skill level and do not reflect his ranking among all Shinigami.

• Zanjutsu
In terms of Joshua's strengths, his greatest would be his swordsmanship.  An amalgamation of prowess from life and his subsequent tempering in death, Joshua's skill is far higher than even his rank would suggest.  In terms of raw skill Joshua is probably one of the most skilled swordsman in Seireitei, including those who are much stronger than he is.  Unfortunately, he is rather lazy and does not show this off often.  He is no slouch in his own training to be sure, but since he does most of that in private few know even that bit.

• Kidō
Tied for second in terms of Joshua's combat capabilities in this Shinigami's capabilities with Kidō.  Truth be told Joshua has an almost instinctive knowledge of Kidō that most would envy if they understood it.  There have been few kidous that Joshua has been unable to learn, and he has in fact pieced together several Kidō on his own or from observation alone.  This grants him a far wider breadth of knowledge in the subject than most would assume a Vice Captain to have, let alone someone as lazy as Joshua.

• Hohō
Tied for second in terms of Joshua's combat capabilities is his speed and skill in Hohō.  While he may not fully understand many of the loftier bits of the specific Hohō techniques, he is damn quick on his feet.  His style of combat keeps him in constant motion, switching between his natural speed and shunpo-like techniques to both keep himself out of harm's way and in lethal range for his attacks.  While he may be lazy, don't be surprised when this guy gets moving.

• Hakuda
This would be Joshua's single greatest failing where combat is concerned.  Put simple, he is terrible at unarmed combat.  Sure, he understands how to throw a punch.  He may even understand the mechanics of how a throw works.  To be a swordsman you have to understand some of that.  However, he has no understanding of how the actual combat form of Hakuda functions.  Disarm him and remove his ability to use Kidō and his only recourse would be to run or make an idiot of himself as he attempts to pummel you.  Simply put; unarmed combat is not his area of expertise, and he has little interest in changing that.  By little, we mean none.

Unique  Combat Techniques

• Kidō Channel
A unique ability that Joshua discovered while he was still alive, he is effectively able to channel a Kidō into his sword and deliver it via that method.  The advantages of this are more devastating sword strikes by trading off the ranged Kidō normally benefit from.  A case of how this works would be:
Joshua channels a Hadō 31(Shakkahou) into Mikazuki then attacks a Hollow.  Upon contact with the target the Kidō is released, resulting in an explosion in the direction of the slash which inflicts major damage from a point-blank explosion.

Joshua is capable of channeling both Hadō and Bakudō kidous in this manner.

• Zanko
Similar in principle to Shunko, but adapted for the use of a blade rather than hand-to-hand combat.  In this case, Zanko is used to increase the power of sword swings through several methods.  Primarily, the reiatsu of the user is flared and surrounds them in a style dependant on the user (for Joshua it is in the form of an extension along the blade and an almost flame like appearance along the back of the blade).  The concentrated energy is used to increase the "sharpness" of the blade and attacks but effectively aiming to bypass the usual field of reiatsu/hierro/etc that surrounds people.  In a way, this gives users a way to strike opponents that would normally have too much of a defensive advantage over them.  Additionally, this energy can be released in a form of a short range energy blade.  Instead of simply doing damage however, this energy blade would aim to decrease the defenses of the struck target.  Assuming the attack is effective, it imparts a 15% decreases to the defenses of the target for two posts.  Using this attack will, for the purposes of the following attacks in the same post and one post after, remove the increased sharpness effect of Zanko.

These are the effects that Joshua has managed to find thus far.  This technique is a work in progress however, and he has only a fundamental understanding of it at this point.

• Dual Focus
For Joshua magic(Kidō) and swordsmanship(Zanjutsu) are closely intertwined, so much so that practicing one isn't really possible without practicing the other for him.  Though he is somewhat secretive with his training (really it is just another form of recreation for him but its something more of a private one as far as he's concerned) he trains hard.  What this means from a numerical standpoint is as follows; for every 4 points Joshua invests into Kidou he gains a +1 bonus to his Zanjutsu ability, and vice-versa.


• Zanpakutō Spirit Name:
"It's Mikadzuki"
"Really?  Can't you pick something in my language?  Something...nicer?"
". . . dammit . . ."

Mikadzuki (Crescent Moon)

• Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Mikadzuki stands roughly five foot six inches tall.

• Inner World:

• Zanpakutō Spirit Personality
Mikadzuki is the kind of person Joshua's superiors would find a great asset to their division.  She is focused, concerned with appearance, and diligent.  This of course means that she is as annoyed with the way Joshua comports himself as anyone/everyone else.  That said she is most proud of the loyalty and compassion he demonstrates towards his division members and friends, and the way he acts when he decides to be serious.  Overall, she feels he should comport himself more like a Shinigami than the lazy swordsman he had been in life, and he feels the opposite.  Together though they prove to be a most terrifying opponent.

• Sealed Zanpakutō Apperance :
Joshua's sealed Zanpakutō is so ordinary and uniform that is doesn't deserve a sealed form picture.

• Sealed Zanpakutō Abilities:
Channel Boost
Mikadzuki is capable of bolstering the effects of Kidō channeled through her, increasing the power of the Kidō by 20%

• Release:

• Shikai Description:

The sword Joshua is seen holding here is Mikadzuki's shikai form.  It shortens and becomes thinner than your average Zanpakutō.

• Shikai Abilities:
Kidō Enhancement
Mikadzuki amplifies of Joshua's Kidō spells, increasing their strength by roughly 40% and reducing their cost by 30%.

One of the most significant abilities of Joshua's Zanpakutō is his ability to imbue it with the properties of channeled Kidō.  What this means is that Joshua can select a Kidō and channel it into his Zanpakutō.  When he does this however, the Kidō imparts several of its properties onto the Zanpakutō rather than simply being delivered through the blade.  A good example of this would be Hadō 33 Shakkaho, which ignites Joshua's Zanpakutō with the same red destructive energy and lends more damage to his strikes.  Only one Kidō may be imbued at a time, and while a Kidō is imbued into Mikadzuki Joshua is unable to channel Kidō through her.

Full Round Channel
While Mikadzuki is released to Shikai the affects of Joshua's channeling can be lengthen to last for the duration of one post.  Where this matters is if he managed to connect with multiple attacks in a single post (up to a limit of four strikes) the effects of the channeled Kidō will be applied without having to have said Kidō be re-cast.  Only one Kidō may still be channeled at a time.

Burst of Speed
A different application of Kidō and Hohō techniques, Mikadzuki helps energy flow through and around Joshua to surround him in a corona of white reiatsu and temporarily boost his speed immensely, resulting in a +40 bonus to the stat.  During this movement Joshua's maneuverability drops however, and taking any type of offensive actions during this movement will cause the ability to deactivate.

Sword-master's Onslaught
A complex Kidō/zanjutsu based attack made possible thanks to Mikadzuki, Joshua flares his reiatsu and uses the energy to generate semi-solid clones of himself.  Afterwards, these clones will immediately launch at the enemy target utilizing Burst of Speed.  When they reach the target they will strike out with their blades before fading away.  Joshua is capable of generating between one and three clones per attack, and must wait a round before he can attempt to do so again.  This attack consumes a decent amount of energy, limiting how often Joshua can make use of it.

Below is an example of Sword-master's Onslaught and Burst of Speed.

• Bankai Description:
(You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

• Bankai Abilities:
(You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

Skill Sheets

Natural Skill Sheet

Racial Skill Sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Jehanna [APPROVED, 2-2|A-3]   Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:47 am

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [×]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [×]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [×]

Tier: 2-2
Combat Prowess: A3
Natural Skill Points: 190
Racial Skill Points: 180
Position Bonuses: Lieutenant (+15 to all stats)
Skill Boosts: Zanjutsu II (+20), Kidou II (+20)
Comments/Notes: Change to skill sheet is due to the new skill system being implemented.
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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Jehanna [APPROVED, 2-2|A-3]   Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:16 pm

Joshua Patch Notes Update v1.1 [March 5th, 2019]
• Updated Joshua to the new stat system.
Old Stats

New Stats

• Fixed Burst of Speed
Prior to this update, Joshua's ability Burst of Speed was technically allowing him to break the barriers of the stat system and attain speeds physically impossible to actually achieve.  Even after the Stat crunch, he was capable of hitting a speed stat of 280.  This percentage based ability has since been changed to a flat bonus.  Also cleaned up a confussing bit of text relating to the nature of Shunpo as it operates on Bleach:ReAwakening.

Old Wording

New Wording
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PostSubject: Re: Joshua Jehanna [APPROVED, 2-2|A-3]   

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Joshua Jehanna [APPROVED, 2-2|A-3]
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