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 Genpaku Arishima [Approved, 0-5, A1]

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PostSubject: Genpaku Arishima [Approved, 0-5, A1]   Thu Sep 20, 2018 6:40 am

Arishima, Genpaku (Family, Given)

True Age – 145 [130 Years Dead]
Appears – Early 20’s



The Eighth Division of the Gotei 13

Captain of the Eighth Division
Head of the Ariake Noble  Family

Tenth Division Barracks Appartment, Seireitei
Ariake Family Mansion, Seireitei

Genpaku Arishima isn't someone who blends easily into a crowd.  There was a time when he would have been considered tall for his apparent age, though now he falls more comfortably into the average height range.  That ends up being about the only average thing about his appearance however.  His hair has always stood out, the color of platinum.  Genpaku keeps his hair cut shorter, keeping it out of his field of view.  His eyes are a deep emerald color, and some have said that they almost seem to glow when the shinigami allows his power to flow through him.  Physically Genpaku doesn't look like the most imposing of figures, his build relatively lithe.  His height and build lead many to assume him weak but the truth is that Genpaku is made of muscle, his build that of a practicing martial artist or swimmer.  To those that know how much training Genpaku puts himself through, this isn't much of a surprise.

Another distinguishing feature that few have seen are Genpaku's scars.  While most injuries a Shinigami would sustain tend to be healed over by experienced healers or else naturally because of their natural healing ability, not all scars are engraved in skin.  Genpaku's chest and arms are covered in innumerable scars, mementos of the event that took his life and set him on the path to the present.  They are gashes, slashes, and punctures that make his chest a ruin with some of them reaching up to peak out from his collar bone and out towards his wrists.  This is one of the main reasons that Genpaku generally keeps a top on if anyone else is present.  His general dress is the normal attire for a Captain of the Gotei 13, though he has been known to occasionally forget his Haiori when in a hurry.



╡Visual Reference╞

╡Passive Abilities╞
Dual Power Source
While Genpaku does not lack for oddities in his appearance or the stories that surround him, this is the root of many of them.  Genpaku in fact possesses two distinct sets of Shinigami powers.  This was accomplished by a strange conflux of events (which are contained and fully explained in his history), the gist of which boils down as such; Genpaku's family used to be of Soul Society, and in their time they developed a technique for sealing their power and passing it down through their line.  However where the power would manifest was random, a sealed power that theoretically rested in every individual but would not manifest in earnest.  Genpaku was born with his own set of Shinigami powers in the world of the living, though he was not aware of it.  Eventually, both this set and the powers sealed and passed down his line by his grandfather would awaken, resulting in the anomaly that is Genpaku's spiritual power.  Normally Genpaku only taps one set of powers at a time, resulting in a level of spiritual energy endurance that is quite rare to see.  However, he has researched and developed a way to tap both sets of power at once; this results in the explosive and devastating power he holds, but it does drain his energy reserves.  As such, when he is tapping both sets of power he is likely to run out at the same rate as any other Shinigami fighting at the fullness of their power.  The amount of power he can bring to bare is simply staggering however.

Dense Reiryoku
Genpaku's reiryoku has a few special properties, direct results of his body housing two distinct sets of Spiritual Power.  Primarily, Genpaku possesses the capability of purifying Hollows with his unarmed attacks, be they from the hands, feet, knees, etc.  Beyond that, it provides a small boost to Genpaku's durability and makes him more difficult to cut or pierce; he receives a +10 bonus to his Durability, and his Durability is considered 50 points higher against piercing and slashing attacks.

Natural Speed and Agility
Genpaku has always been fast.  In life he was a runner, and he used that natural talent in his martial arts.  Since becoming a Shinigami he has pushed the boundaries of his own speed with constant practice, to the point that he may be one of the fastest beings around.  Not that he would tend to agree; as with his other capabilities he is never satisfied with where his limits are and is constantly seeking to surpass them.  For all that, his natural speed is such that he is easily able to keep up beings utilizing movements techniques (such as Shunpo) without resorting to it himself.  Besides simple raw speed however, Genpaku possesses tremendous agility, balance, and reflexes to go with his speed.  Combined with his martial training, it makes him a dangerous opponent to face.

Hakuda Mastery
In life Genpaku Arishima studied martial arts as a means of exercise and competition.  After his death and consequent rebirth as a Shinigami it became his primary combat method.  He has practiced and refined his unarmed combat abilities, never satisfied with his current level of skill.  He has developed techniques and molded his other capabilities to capitalize on both his capability in Hakdua and Hoho.  On a good day he might even go along with someone stating he is in the top eight hand-to-hand combatants in the world, though the young Shinigami may not believe it.

Ikottsu(Single Bone) and Soukottsu(Double Bone)
Incredibly powerful unarmed strikes, seen in action by Yamamoto when he fought Wonderweiss. Ikottsu is a single fisted strike while Soukottsu is a dual fist and has substantially more power.

Tessho(Iron Palm)
An open palm strike which can effortlessly shatter a Hollow's head with a single strike.

Narusho(Echoing Palm)
A step beyond Tessho, Genpaku forces reiatsu into his hand and strikes, unleashing the energy directly into his opponent. The energy attempts to hinder the flow of energy through the enemy's body. The effectiveness of this can be increased if critical points are hit, though a significant increase in power will dissipate the energy.

Myakusho(Pulse Palm)
An altered version of Narusho, this strike effectively collapses the effect of Narusho into a single pulse that rushes through the body. The purpose of this strike is to attempt to stun the target, rendering it helpless for a brief moment. The stun lasts for no more than 1 seconds regardless of tier. A sufficient amount of power being released or present can override this effect or lessen the length of time.

Sasusho(Piercing Palm)
Another altered version of Narusho, this technique focuses on dealing internal damage and injury by simply forcing energy through his strike without the intent to hinder. Strikes using this technique can cause massive internal injury to organ, muscle, and bone.

Assaitaiho(Crushing Cannon)
A counter technique Genpaku developed by combining a specific application of Shunpo and a flying kick or knee, Assaitaiho harnesses the tremendous force and momentum present in Genpaku's movement and puts it behind said kick or knee strike.  Often he will use this technique if one of his regular kicks is caught, aiming to catch the opponent off guard and slam them into the nearest surface.

Shunpo(Flash Step) Mastery
Of all the techniques Soul Society and the afterlife have offered him, Genpaku has spent the greatest amount of time working and nurturing his natural talent in speed, Shunpo, and its variants.  He is a prodigy where such techniques are concerned, and has put in excessive amounts of training where the techniques are concerned.  He has great control over his Shunpo’s distance, and is easily able to use it in rapid succession to create “clones” as he moves, much like how Ichigo did the same when he first released his Bankai or Soi Fon did in the battle against Aizen Sousuke.  It takes little to no effort for him to use Shunpo because of his extensive training.  He has developed mastery over the ability that he is able to perform it off of his hand or even his head, though the range on such variants is lessened.  With a normal, single Shunpo he is capable of traveling up to a full mile.

Senka(Flash Blossom)
Senka is the act of utilizing a Shunpo to travel behind an opponent and strike them in the Saketsu(Chain Link) and Hakusui(Soul Sleep), effectively sealing their spiritual powers. Typically, this technique is performed with the Zanpaku-tou and can be fatal.

Ubuge Senka(Soft Flash Blossom)
Genpaku does not like using Senka if he can avoid it, preferring to use this modified version while unarmed to channel energy into the target, temporarily disrupting the flow of energy at these central points. This can be overpowered by a large outpouring of power from these central points, effectively jumpstarting the system again.

Utsusemi(Molting Cicada)
An advanced movement technique used primarily by high ranking Onmitsu members, the user moves at high enough speed to leave an afterimage, which can appear to have taken damage. While the technique sounds simple, it is a difficult technique to master.

Mure no Utsusemi(Swarm of Molting Cicada Cicada)
An advanced version of Utsusemi where the technique is used in rapid succession , creating afterimages with each iteration.  Genpaku is able to pull this technique off because of his natural skill and speed, but repeated use of the technique puts strain on the body.

Sattou Semi(Rushing Cicada)
Another variation on Utsusemi, this technique is not specific to Genpaku, though he is the only one who currently knows it. Effectively this technique is used in mid-movement, resulting in an afterimage that continues on the path of movement for a period of 4 seconds before vanishing.  Generally this is used as a diversion to create an opening against a target, as the afterimage is merely an illusion.

Doyadoya(Sound of Many Footsteps)
A modification on the fast moving shunpo seen in use by Soi Fong, Kurosaki Ichigo, and so on this technique requires Genpaku to move at higher speed than normal, adding a second step to his Shunpo’s typical 1 step.  When he does this, he forces a small amount of his reiatsu into his feet and out, creating a small scale sonic boom.  At point blank range, this sonic boom can be damaging to those caught in it and can force people away.  However, the primary use Genpaku has for the technique is to confuse his target and throw them off balance before moving in to strike.  Overuse of the technique however can be draining both physically and power wise.

Speed Clones
Genpaku is able to create speed clones like other accomplished speed users.  By moving between multiple points at high speed the user is able to generate the appearance of multiple 'clones' to hide their true location.  While making the technique happen is not particularly difficult it is one of the more energy intensive Hoho techniques, and as such Genpaku uses it sparingly.

General Skill
Genpaku has studied kidou over the course of his second life, and is generally proficient with it.  However, unlike Hakuda or Hoho he did not delve into the deeper realms of study and training to move onto the truly advanced workings of Kidou.  He has enough knowledge, skill, and power to make use of the techniques and adapt them but it would not be considered his specialty.  Of the base Shinigami skills, this would likely be considered his weakest.

However, special note must be made of Genpaku's healing capabilities.  Genpaku sought out training with the healing arts from the Fourth Division during his days in the Soul Society and has worked hard to gain a working knowledge of how to use his energy to heal both himself and others.  It was noted that Genpaku had a knack for the healing arts, and if he hadn't been more focused and gifted in other areas he may well have made a great healer.

General Skill
Genpaku has devoted time to learning Zanjutsu, the Shinigami art of the sword.  He is fairly skilled, but is a far shot from the true masters of the world.  Like Kidou he has a fundamental and working knowledge of Zanjutsu and its techniques, but often defaults to his unarmed combat style.  Still, he is deadly with a sword since the sword lends itself well to his natural speed and agility, so underestimating him would be a potentially fatal mistake.

Kyoumei is Genpaku's answer to something considered impossible.  Genpaku is blessed with two sets of Shinigami power, something that was largely considered impossible until he appeared.  However, it seemed impossible to truly access both sets of Shinigami powers at the same time; instead he simply had more energy to burn but could only burn so much of it at once.  Even his Zanpaku-tou spirits told him it was impossible, and that pursing a way to access both sets would likely only lead to injury or death.  They were only mostly wrong, as pursuit of this technique indeed did nearly kill Genpaku (twice).  Through trial, error, research, and hard work Genpaku discovered what he needed.  Namely that each set of Shinigami powers had its own reiatsu signature, its own wavelength that did not meld well with the other.  However, he was able to interact with both sets independently of each other; this meant that he was able to interact with both reiatsus.  He concluded that this was because his reiatsu was a sort of alloy, made up of both sets of reiatsus from those powers.
By resonating his own power with that of his Zanpaku-tous, he eventually discovered how to access both sets of power, thus allowing himself to attain his full strength.  It was not an easy process, and in fact has been his focus almost every day for the last twenty years.  While he has made great strides where the ability is concerned he feels the ability is honestly still in its infancy, and continues to work on the technique.  

Detailed below are the various stages, ability, and drawbacks of the technique as a whole.

╡Kanipo; Kyoumei no Omoi (First Step: Resonance of the Mind)╞
The basis of all the subsequent abilities and stages, Kyoumei no Omoi is  the ability for Genpaku to successfully resonate his power with that of his Zanpaku-tous and fully tap both sets of his Shinigami powers.  It was the stage that took the longest for Genpaku to discover and attain, taking over eighty years and the discovery and mastery of his Bankais to bring to a working condition.  Since then Genpaku has trained extensively with this technique, to the point he is able to hold this stage of Kyoumei indefinitely with no real drawback.  He prefers not to however, as his reiatsu becomes difficult to manage and can cause injuries in weaker entities around him in a manner similar to Zaraki Kenpachi's reiatsu as well as making it all but impossible to hide.

While in this stage Genpaku is freely able to release one Zanpaku-tou or the other as any other Shinigami would.  While this level of Kyoumei is active, and through all other stages of Kyoumei, Genpaku's reiatsu becomes visible as a emerald green aura laced with electricity.

Additionally while this technique (and subsiquent stages of Kyoumei unless otherwise noted) is active Genpaku's physical capabilities are increased, and he gains a +25 bonus to all his natural skills except his Endurance stat.  He loses the extreme level of reiatsu stamina as he is pulling from both sets of powers.

╡Daniippo; Kyoumei no Shinjou (Second Step; Resonance of the Body)╞
The second stage of Kyoumei (especially when combined with his ability Shinkoru) represents one of Genpaku's most potentially devastating combat capabilities.  At this stage, Genpaku gains the ability to release both of his Zanpaku-tous to their Shikai stage simultaneously.  He has access to all of their individual capabilities, and has even discovered specific combination techniques between the two techniques.  He is capable of maintaining this stage of Kyoumei for a decent length of time, but rarely does so for longer than a fight would require.  He does train with this ability on a regular basis, having sought permission for release of Shikai expressly for this training.  He would not consider this stage of Kyoumei mastered though, hence the focus on training.

Genpaku is not able to instantly jump to this stage of power; he must take time enough remaining in Kyoumei no Omoi to attain a proper balance between the energies before he can deepen that resonance.  In thread, this usually takes between 2 and 3 posts worth of time; however, given enough warning and if the situation is dangerous enough it is possible Genpaku will begin the preparation for this stage of power on his approach to a conflict; if this is the case, there is no pretense of stealth on his part.  Additionally, this time can be shortened if Genpaku is not actively engaging in combat and has time to bring this stage with concentration.

While he is capable of maintaining this form for a good length of time, doing so is not only unnecessary but dangerous; the longer he maintains this stage of Kyoumei the greater strain is placed on his body and soul as he works to keep the resonance between his Zanpaku-tous and himself.  Once he seals this stage of Kyoumei (or those after it), there is a distinct dissonance in his power.  This dissonance effectively locks Genpaku out of this technique for the remainder of the day (in thread time) and weakens the abilities of his Zanpaku-tous individually by 10% for a similar length of time.

Finally, the strain of containing and maintaining the flow of energy produced by two Shikai's is a physical thing.  Depending on the length of time this stage of Kyoumei is held this can range from simple muscle fatigue to muscle damage in addition to any injuries sustained in combat.

╡Sanbanippo; Kyoumei no Reikon (Third Step; Resonance of the Soul)╞
The highest stage of Kyoumei that Genpaku currently believes is possible, Kyoumei no Reikon is merely an informed theory at this point in time.  He has experimented with the resonance required, but doing so has led to minor injuries on its own and as such he has excercised extreme caution in his research of the technique.

At this stage of Kyoumei, Genpaku would have the ability to maintain one of his Zanpaku-tous in its Shikai state while releasing the other to Bankai.  Understandably this would give Genpaku immense destruction potential, and as such he would be reluctant to release this stage of power for fear of what it does to those around him.  The sheer spiritual pressure released by a simultaneous Shikai and Bankai release is enough to outright kill some spiritual beings, render even lieutenant level combatants unconscious, and so on.  Once this stage is released, Genpaku releases one of his two blades to their Bankai stage; he is not able to switch between them after that.

Like Kyoumei no Shinjou, Genpaku is typically able to simply enter this stage of power without taking time to build up to it.  Genpaku must have been in Kyoumei no Shinjou for a space of time before he can step to this stage of power.  In a thread/combat situation, he must have been in Kyoumei no Shinjou for 4 posts before he can push the resonance between his Zanpaku-tous to this stage.  Like the previous stage of Kyoumei, Genpaku can move to this stage quicker if he is not actively engaged in combat and can focus on moving to it.

As with the previous stage Kyoumei, there are dangers and drawbacks. This stage of power is not something Genpaku can maintain for a great length of time; a handful of minutes and the sheer strain, both physically and metaphysically, becomes too much.  Even at the shortest duration, Genpaku is likely to experience muscle damage as his body moves beyond its normal limits.  Holding this stage of power longer increases the likelihood of experiencing severe muscle damage, broken bones, and internal injury as his body breaks down under the strain.  It is possible that Genpaku could perish from the combined strain of this form and injuries sustained in combat if immediate medical treatment is not available.

Once this stage of Kyoumei is sealed, Genpaku was experience immense exhaustion to the point of potentially losing consciousness.  However, this is not mere physical exhaustion; the dissonance that existed in the last stage of Kyoumei is greatly amplified by this state of power.  Genpaku loses the ability to resonate correctly with his Zanpaku-tous for several days (between 3 – 9 depending on how long he has held this stage) and so cannot attain any stage of Kyoumei beyond Kyoumei no Omoi.  Additionally, Genpaku is unable to release the selected Zanpaku-tou back to its Bankai state for the same amount of time, and the abilities of his Zanpaku-tous are reduced in effectiveness by 20%.


Shinkoru, as Genpaku has dubbed the technique, is an ability Genpaku rediscovered and eventually managed to bring up to a usable combat state.  There were tales of a Shinigami who had once attempted this, but had gone crazy and had to be put down.  Effectively, this technique allows the user to temporarily absorb their Zanpaku-tou into their being.  While this is active, they are able to channel their Zanpaku-tou abilities through their body.  To someone like Genpaku, whose primary mode of combat is close quarters, this is a massive boon of a technique.  However, it has serious dangers associated with it; some of which Genpaku has found ways of mitigating.

As stated above, the primary benefit of the technique is the melding of one with their Zanpaku-tou.  This increases the user's physical capabilities, granting a +15 bonus to natural skills, and allows the user to channel their Zanpaku-tou abilities through their own body.  This technique tends to alter Zanpaku-tou abilities slightly; in Genpaku's case these modifications are listed below.  Additionally in Genpaku's case, if he were to absorb his second Zanpaku-tou he only gains a n additional +5 to his natural stats, bringing the total bonus to +20.

Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds) & Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
While the actual effects of these abilities are largely unchained.  However, the effect of it is contained in Genpaku's aura, and extends out several inches around his person.

Ittaiheki(Burst Zone)
This ability is actually increased in potency once absorbed.  First, it does not seal Fujin; the aura explodes outward and the effects of Fujin's abilities are suppressed for a post.  After that, the aura reforms and the abilities return.

Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
Once this ability is activated, whatever striking surface Genpaku is using is covered in concentrated electricity instead of his entire being.  All other effects of the ability remain the same.

Beyond these, Genpaku has discovered and perfected a way of using this technique with the various stages of Kyoumei.  Once Genpaku has accessed Kyoumei no Shinjou he is actually able to absorb both of his Shikai-state Zanpaku-tous simultaneously.  This is his usual mode of combat, and makes him exceptionally dangerous.

There is only one real drawback to the technique, but it is the reason the technique was abandoned so long ago.  If one does not have a strong will or is too ambitious in their pursuit they will find themselves unable to keep their minds separate from that of their Zanpaku-tou; this is all but guaranteed to drive anyone absolutely insane.  As far as Genpaku has managed to theorize and deduce, attempting to absorb one's Bankai would yield a much greater result in power but is also guaranteed to be too much strain on the mind of the user and will result in the two becoming one.  As such, Genpaku has limited himself to only using the techniques on Shikai level Zanpaku-tous.  In Genpaku's case as well, he runs the added danger of adding a second Zanpaku-tou to the strain of this technique.  It is in fact possible that if his willpower and head was thrown off enough, he may begin to fall into the same trap and begin to go mad.

╡Zanpaku-tou Name╞
Raiden (Thunder and Lightning)

╡Zanpaku-tou Spirit Appearance╞
The spiritual manifestation of Raiden is that of an older man unbowed by age.  His hair has gone white, but he still cuts an imposing figure; standing easily a foot taller than Genpaku Raiden is no bean stalk, boasting an impressive physique.  His gaze is stern and discerning, his body language speaking of pride and strength.

╡Sealed Zanpaku-tou Appearance╞

╡Shikai Release Phrase╞
"Pierce the night! Raiden!"

╡Shikai Appearance╞

╡Shikai Abilities╞
Sekkai(Untimely Interference)
Once released, Raiden gains the ability to alter the reaction time of enemies it cuts.  It must break the skin for this effect to come into play.  The first time a successful cut is landed on an enemy, they're reaction time is dragged down to the average human reaction time(.215seconds).  After that, each successive cut increases the reaction time by 1.25times, capping out at 1.6secons maximum.  There are several ways for this effect to be negated or abolished; a substantial increase in power(such as with a release to a different stage), not being struck by Raiden for several minutes. or if Raiden is returned to its sealed state.  Not being struck by Raiden for 3 posts reduces the effect by one stage.  Stages are marked below.

Hiraishin(Lightning Rod)
Raiden coats itself in electricity to amplify the damage of its strikes and to amplify the effects of Sekkai.  While this is active, the rate at which Sekkai stacks its ability increases to 1.5 times per hit.  In addition, enemies wearing metal based armor draw electrical tendrils from Raiden as it passes.  This do only light damage and do not apply a stack of Sekkai.  This ability remains active for as long as Genpaku decides to channel reiatsu into it, though leaving it active too long can become costly on his reiatsu reserves.

A projectile attack where Raiden releases a pulse or wave of reiatsu enhanced electricity.  Taking a direct hit from this attack deals electrical damage, burns the area it struck, and subjects the primary target(or first target to be hit) to Sekkai as though Hiraishin was active.  The effective range of this attack is up to 100 feet before the energy dissipates.  Depending on its strength, a direct hit upon a hollow's mask may shatter it and cleanse it as though it was struck by the blade.

Banrai can only be used after Denko has been utilized. A loud crash like thunder is released from Raiden; this sound wave is amplified by Genpaku's reiatsu and deals sonic damage to enemies within 20 feet of Genpaku.  This attack ignores material barriers such as walls unless those objects are soundproof.  In addition, the target may be thrown off balance by the attack due to equilibrium originating in the ears.  The sound wave is capable of cracking or shattering hollow masks depending on the strength of the hollow.

Sekkai Stages
The rate and reaction times for Sekkai are listed below.  Entries in () are with Hiraishin active.
Initial: .215 Seconds
2nd Strike: .269(.323)
3rd Strike: .336(.484)
4th strike: .420(.725)
5th Strike: .525(1.09)
6th Strike: .656(1.60)
7th Strike: .820(1.60)
8th Strike: 1.02(1.60)
9th Strike: 1.2891.60)
10th Strike: 1.60(1.60)

╡Bankai Name╞
Reikoku Raiden (Relentless Thunder and Lightning)

╡Bankai Appearance╞

╡Bankai Abilities╞
Though Reikoku Raiden blackens the visible sky, only a specific area of the clouds actually acts as Genpaku's bankai at any given time.  This area is a half mile radius centered on Genpaku, which will move to follow him as he fights and moves through a battlefield.

Enhanced Speed and Agility
Once Genpaku has released to Bankai, his speed increases substantially, granting him a +30 bonus to speed and agility.

Raiden(Thunder and Lightning)
Reikoku Raiden's main form of attack is a powerful bolt of lightning that strikes from the storm clouds that make up the Bankai.  These bolts combine the effect of Denko and Banrai into a simultaneous effect centered on the target.  These bolts can be fired at will by Genpaku, and are considerably more powerful than the Shikai variant (roughly four times stronger).  Additionally these bolts apply stages of Sekkai the same way Denko does, treating the strike as though Hiraishin was active.

With Reikoku Raiden active Genpaku attains an immunity to electrical based attacks as well as retaining immunity to Banrai.

Inazuma no Me(Eye of Lightning)
Inazuma no Me has two distinct modes of use.

The first mode is the safer of the two; effectively Genpaku turns himself into a redirection point for his Bankai.  By striking himself with the bolts from the storm he is able to redirect the direction of the attack, enabling him to strike from multiple directions at once.  As he doesn't hold this energy, there is little drawback to this.

The second mode is potentially more powerful, but possesses certain dangers as well.  By striking himself with the bolts of energy and holding onto it Genpaku is able to supercharge himself; this results in a 25% increase in his speed and agility states and a 50% increase in his reaction time.  He is able to discharge this by firing the energy in a matter similar to the first mode.  However, upon use of this second mode of Inazuma no Me he is unable to utilize this ability for six posts.  At maximum, the second mode can only be held for three posts.  Genpaku believes that, despite his Bankai granting him immunity to electricity, repeated use of this could well result in frying his brain to some degree and have long-term negative effects.  As such, he does not use this second mode often.

╡Zanpaku-tou Name╞
Fujin (Goddess of Wind)

╡Zanpaku-tou Spirit Appearance╞

The spiritual manifestation of Fujin is a slender young woman with emerald eyes like Genpaku's own.  She stands a hair shorter than him, and yet her presence is so much more.  She seems nice enough, an enigmatic smile on her face but there is the unshakable sense of tension, of danger, as though at any moment she may be stirred to storm.

╡Sealed Zanpaku-tou Appearance╞

╡Shikai Release Phrase╞
“Dance! Fujin!”

╡Shikai Appearance╞
Once released to its Shikai state, Fujin's blade shatters and is reformed by threshing, cyclonic winds.

╡Shikai Abilities╞
Kazedanpen(Shredding Winds)
When Fujin is released to Shikai, the blade shatters and is replaced by a blade make of high density, high velocity wind that shreds instead of cuts. The blade in incapable of blocking material objects such as blades, but is also incapable of being blocked by such objects. However, if it comes in contact with flesh or a similar substance, the result is the scouring and shredding of the surface as the twisting razor winds scar said surface. Depending on the direction of the swing and the surface it hits, the 'blade' is capable of removing limbs. Hits to the chest will leave deep gashes that may destroy bones or sever organs, depending of course on defenses and so on.

Kaitsudanpen(Shredding Pressure)
Fujin's blade is not as fixed as it seems to be. The blade itself is made up of the razor winds that spin at cyclonic speeds in a confined area, while the area immediately around said blade is whipped about, Fujin's influence seeping out into the air around the blade. This effectively means that the air directly around the blade can cut as well. However, the damage isn't as severe as a direct hit from the 'blade'; it will still leave gashes along the surface however.

Aori Shini(Reaping Gust)
With an investment of reiatsu, Genpaku can release a burst of scything winds in a direction. The attack is a cone in front of Genpaku, extending outwards up to 40 feet. The attack appears as a field of moving wind blades that slice and dice most things caught in the attack. After extending the 40 feet the air pressure decreases, no longer capable of cutting but possibly able to force enemies back. All effects of the attack dissipate after 60 feet.

Kirukaze(Air Cutter)
Similar to Reaping Gust, except concentrated into a single blade of air. With a swing of the 'blade' a blade of high pressure air flies forth in the direction of the swing; this attack is capable of cutting through buildings and multiple enemies if they do not get out of the way. The air immediately around the blade and extending out 3 feet from both sides of the attack is focused into a high pressure ridge that can push enemies away. The attack dissipates in much the same way as Reaping Gust.

Tokuteikiatsu(Cyclone Shield)
By holding Fujin point down and channeling Reiatsu into her, Genpaku is capable of creating a spinning barrier of spiritual energy and wind around himself and those near him. The shield acts as a semi-sphere if he is on the ground or a sphere is he is in the air, and has a maximum diameter of 15 feet. This shield is capable of deflecting projectile based attacks if it is kept below a diameter of 9 feet. Beyond that threshold, the projectile attacks are only thrown off course slightly. This is all based on the power of the enemy of course. The shield is not solid, but does act as Shredding Winds detailed above. For the duration of the ability, Genpaku is unable to use any of Fujin's other abilities, and must continue to channel energy into the blade. In addition, the enclosed area has minimal oxygen as most of it is being drained out to the shield.

IttaiHeki(Burst Zone)
A seldom used ability at best, this move does not damage to enemies caught in it. Genpaku draws energy into Fujin, then releases both the blade and Shikai, the result being a literal explosion of air pressure. This explosion pushes most anything away from Genpaku that is not an ally of his to a distance of 40 feet away. However, this returns Fujin to her sealed state, and limits her release to either Shikai or Bankai for 2 posts.

╡Bankai Name╞
Gekidou Fujin (Raging God of Wind)

╡Bankai Appearance╞
Genpaku is encased in a set of green armor with translucent wings.

╡Bankai Abilities╞
Fujin(God of Wind)
As the name implies, Genpaku gain complete control of the winds directly around him that is readily useable. He is able to infuse that wind with Reiatsu and form different objects or shapes. He is capable of recreating any of his Shikai abilities because of this, and those abilities are significantly amplified.

Enhanced Durability and Strength
Gekidou Fujin's appearance as emerald armor is not for show; once released to Bankai Genpaku's Durability increases against all forms of attack as the armor is enhanced with spiritual power as well as the physical armor itself yeilding a +60 bonus to durability. Genpaku's strength also is amplified by roughly 1.5 times in this state.

Flight/Speed Increase
The wings on the back of Gekidou Fujin are not simply for decoration; in a place where flight would not normally be possible Genpaku is capable of using them to keep himself aloft. In addition the wings manipulate the air around Genpaku, reducing drag and air resistance to increase his overall speed; he receives a +60 bonus to speed.

Kazefumu (Step On Wind)
While using a Hohō technique such as Shunpo, Genpaku's body can literally becomes wind for the duration of the movement. He is insubstantial during the movement, becoming solid once he has reached his destination. If he is scattered during this motion (by another wind controller), he instantly solidifies once more in place and ceases movement.

Reiatsu no Arashi (Spiritual Pressure of the Tempest)
In Fujin's Bankai state, Genpaku gains an aura that covers the area serving to aid allies and hinder enemies. In this form Genpaku's reiatsu rushes around in the aura, which extends up to 100 feet, assaulting enemies with air pressure which serves only to slow enemy movement down. Weaker enemies may actually become immobilized by this ability depending on thier strength. Genpaku's allies gain a benefit from this aura as they are propelled by the aura, gaining a bonus to +50 bonus to the stat.  Genpaku does not benefit from this particular bonus.

Natural Skill Sheet



Racial Skill Sheet

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Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [X]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [X]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [X]

Tier: 0-5
Combat Prowess: A1
Natural Skill Points: 290
Racial Skill Points: 200
Position Bonuses: +30 to all (Captain)
Skill Boosts: IV (40) Hakuda, IV (40) Speed, III (30) Hoho, I (10) Agility
Comments/Notes: CHANGE IMPLEMENTED (Mar. 5th, 2019) to New Tier/Skill system

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Genpaku Patch Notes Update v1.1 [March 5th, 2019]
• Updated Genpaku to the new stat system.
Old Stats

New Stats
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PostSubject: Re: Genpaku Arishima [Approved, 0-5, A1]   

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Genpaku Arishima [Approved, 0-5, A1]
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