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 Haruna Senju [WIP]

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PostSubject: Haruna Senju [WIP]   Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:53 pm

Shinigami Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Haruna Senju
Nicknames/Aliases: Professor Senju
Appearance Age: Mid 20s
Actual Age: 582
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Trained Abilities:

Jackie of All Trades: Here's the deal, Haruna is a mid-level Captain who is well-versed in just about everything. She does not specialize in really anything and the only thing she's lacking in is kaido. If there were to be a stat that she "specialized" in, it would be Endurance. Because she's trained ridiculously hard, efficiently, and in everything she could find to train in, Haruna is able to outlast most people in how long she is able to continue on. A lot of her battle strategy is actually waiting people out. The girl could fight for weeks on end with people around her level. This helps her keep up with students and teach them correctly. Most of Haruna's students know what they need to know when they leave. In fact, she helps them realize what is special about them because she is so well-rounded and can spot it easier than others.

Zanpakuto Name:
Zanpakuto Release Phrase:
Zanpakuto Appearance:
Zanpakuto Spirit World: (Optional)

Shikai Name:
Shikai Appearance:
Shikai Abilities:

Bankai Name:
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:

Character Synopsis

(This section is here to help explain what this character is meant to be. What is your vision for their current status? If you need help with this, take a look at other apps. They don't have to be complicated. Keep them under five paragraphs.)

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Haruna Senju [WIP]
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