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 Kohaku Nakahara [WIP]

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PostSubject: Kohaku Nakahara [WIP]   Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:06 am

Shinigami Template

Basic Information

Name: Kohaku Kaito Nakahara
Nicknames: Shigeru (his new name if he attains control of the Nakahara)
Appearance Age: Early-to-mid 20s
True Age: 605
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 lbs

Racial  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:
Zankensoki: It's not important to point out his specific skills in Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hohou, and Kidou. He's about average in all of them. Well, average in the sense that he is average enough to teach all of them with the same profeciency. He has a better knack for Kidou, although it doesn't present itself.

Ekime: (液眼; Liquid Eye/Blind Eye) Ekime is Kohaku's Nakahara trait. Ekime is, unfortunately, almost always active. He keeps his eyes mostly closed due to it being the only way to turn Ekime off. Ekime allows him to see liquid around him. This makes him effectively blind on a rainy day (if he's using it) and a godsend in a desert. This is how he can see through many illusions and see if someone is actually around him. His vision with Ekime is somewhat similar to modern-day BHOT thermal vision. In BHOT, meaning "black hot," the hotter something is the blacker it will appear. For Ekime, the more moisture something has, the blacker it will appear.  
Other Weapons: None


Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:


Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Rain


Shikai Name: Yarisazame (槍紗雨, lit. Gossamer Rain of Spears)
Shikai Appearance: Upon release, Yarisazame's blade fades into one made of water. This water blade has the same consistency as his normal Zanpakutou. This means that it interacts with most things as if it were a normal, metal blade. This is when the water is "hardened." When the water is "hardened," it acts as a solid. However, it is still water.
Shikai Abilities: Yarisazame's blade can change shape. However, it must still use the same amount of water. Thus, he can not make a greatsword out of the water unless it was paper-thin. This is mainly used to curve the blade, allowing for an attack to still hit.

Arainagasu, Yarisazame: (洗い流す, 槍紗雨, lit. Wash Away, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Arainagasu is the main ability of Yarisazame. Kohaku aims the tip of Yarisazame in the direction he wishes to hit. When he calls out the name of the ability, the hardened water blade launches forth at Kohaku's speed +80. After a three-second delay, the water returns at the same speed to Yarisazame's hilt.

Furisosoge, Yarisazame: (降り注げ, 槍紗雨, lit. Pour Down, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Furisosoge is the strongest ability of Yarisazame's Shikai. Kohaku swings the blade upwards. It then falls apart, splashing into the sky. This leaves him momentarily defenseless. After a delay of a minimum of five seconds, the water hardens again. This time, however, it has taken the water in the air as well and has "assimilated" it for this ability. 104 "spears" of water rain down where Kohaku points Yarisazame's hilt. The exact area is marked by a 1-yard circle. This circle is simply a darkened area, as if it had been rained upon. Once all of the spears have landed, the water returns to Yarisazame and reforms as a blade.

Kanketsusen, Yarisazame: (間欠泉, 槍紗雨, lit. Geyser, Gossamer Rain of Spears) Kanketsusen, Yarisazame is the strongest ability of his Shikai. It works a lot like Furisosoge, Yarisazame. Instead of swinging his sword upward, Kohaku swings the blade downward. The water seeps into any available crack in the ground. It then proceeds to follow him for up to five rounds. While in the ground, the water is indistinguishable from normal groundwater or any other source of water. Upon the command of "erupt," the water spears towards a point. Unfortunately, the target of the water is not shown like in Furisosoge, Yarisazame. Instead, where the water bursts from is preceded by a dark, moist spot. The spears launch with lower speed than Arainagasu, Yarisazame and are smaller.


Bankai Name: Not Yet Achieved
Bankai Appearance: Not Yet Achieved
Bankai Abilities: Not Yet Achieved

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Kohaku Nakahara [WIP]
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