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PostSubject: ANNOUNCEMENT #1   Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:11 pm

Whether a message to new members or those who have been here a while... This section will be updated often to keep you informed of changes on and off site. Please take a moment to read everything and make sure to check in every now and then for changes. Don't worry. We'll do our best to make sure this area does not become cluttered and confusing to navigate through.

First Announcement:

BleachRA works in ARCs. The site is called Bleach: ReAwakening, but the current ARC is called "The Crimson Edge." This Arc is being controlled by one member of site. They have planned events, missions, and enemies for members to encounter. Over time, information will be released that members will be able to share character to character, allowing clues to be figured out.

Once this Arc ends, another will take its place. Following Arcs will be rotate the person in control, allowing for different ideas to come forward. Most of the time, the Arcs will be led by admins and moderators of staff. However, if a member wishes to create their own Arc, there are a couple things they'd have to keep in mind about doing so and there are no exceptions to these conditions.

#1: The member will have to work with at least two members of staff to keep their Arc in motion and events approved. We do not want anything to accidentally go against the world that is set. For example, an alien invasion is quite likely a no since it goes against the vision staff has. While we're open to new ideas and want member input, over-the-top events won't be welcomed easily.

#2: To get your Arc in the works, it is a first come first serve basis, so you may have to wait for others to end. There will be only one site Arc in play at a time. When you present it to an admin or moderator, have as much of it planned out as possible. However, do not be surprised when suggestions are made to help with getting it in motion. Too much detail makes things difficult for others to role play, while too little makes the story uninteresting. Think of it as a team effort, however, you will still be the leader and creator of your own BleachRA Arc.

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