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 The Current State of the Realms

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PostSubject: The Current State of the Realms   Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:54 pm

The Soul Society

Ever since the Great Divide, or the creation of what many call the Crimson Edge, the Soul Society has been divided in multiple ways. Although there was now a definite territory that the Gotei Thirteen would control and patrol, the fact was the Gotei was woefully ill-equipped to handle this. The Captains that sacrificed themselves left a power gap, and the conflicts had drained the Divisions' numbers. The new Gotei Thirteen decided to hunker down and focus on a smaller area while they rebuilt. This became known as the Toryōseiku (央霊政区; Central Spiritual Administrative District). The Rukongai and Seireitei became the central area of the Soul Society's politics.  

However, that wasn't the only area in the Soul Society that was inhabited. Although many did flock to the Toryōseiku, a number still resided outside of the Seireitei and Rukongai. The area outside became known as the Shōjintōku (少人頭区; "Unincorporated District"). Those within the Shōjintōku were effectively left to govern themselves, with only loose assistance coming from the Seireitei. The Shōjintōku eventually learned to govern and protect itself, leading to its own militia—called the Mikazuki (胥變月; Moon Which Changes Together). The Mikazuki is at odds with the Gotei for the simple reason of the Shōjintōku is still regarded as Gotei Thirteen-controlled territory. The Mikazuki and citizens of the Shōjintōku fight for their independence, although little blood has been shed for now...

Hueco Mundo

The current state of Hueco Mundo is similar to a savage civilization trying to expand and advance. Hueco Mundo was once a vast land of devestation, where hollows roamed free to eat the souls that entered there. Now that it has been separated from the Soul Society, hollows starve and eat each other for sustenance if they’re unable to leave the realm to enter the world of the living. Those more intelligent and powerful have come to realize their doom as they starve from the lack of souls. Seeing this incoming doom, many have come together to try and face this catastrophe together. The group they’ve formed is called the Espada and it’s currently led by a cunning Arrancar named Chikage Kazama.

The World of the Living

It is the year 2018 and all is as you’d expect in the World of the Living. Children grow, teenagers go to school, politicians lie, and people die. The only new thing showing up in the realm are the seemingly spiritually powered humans that have just begun popping up throughout the world. This is a rare occurrence as there have yet to be any significant spiritual (or otherwise) change within the realm. Once a change occurs, it can be possible for an increase in powered humans.
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The Current State of the Realms
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