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 Brief History: The Soul Society

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PostSubject: Brief History: The Soul Society   Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:28 pm

The Creation of the Crimson Edge

A.K.A.: The Great Divide

Twenty-thousand years ago, give or take a century, the Soul Society split to create Hueco Mundo. Having once been a single realm, the intense amount of violence and growing number of hollows pushed the Shinigami to implementing a dangerous plan. Week by week, souls were slaughtered and devoured by the thousands. Bloody battles took place scattered throughout the land. It wouldn’t be long before regular souls were taken out completely.

Thirteen brave men and women, some of the most powerful Shinigami to have ever existed, came together and sacrificed their lives and zanpakuto in order to create what is now known as the Crimson Edge. By standing at particular points surrounding the cities they wished to protect, each of them cast a kido, now lost to the years, connecting their souls, zanpakuto, and powers, creating the massive barrier that separates them from the hollows outside.

In current years, the Crimson Edge remains stable, watched and guarded by the Tenth Division of the current Gotei 13.

The End of an Era

The previous Captain Commander was Fu Endo, a strict, powerful, and respected Captain by many. Unfortunately, Captain Endo passed away about two hundred and fifty years ago. While his death was somewhat a mystery, the official records state that he died in his sleep. The Fourth Division has yet to come up with a more detailed cause of death and it's not known whether they're still researching the mystery anyways.
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Brief History: The Soul Society
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