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 Shiina Fujino

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PostSubject: Shiina Fujino   Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:11 am

Shinigami Template

Basic Information

Name: Shiina Fujino (藤野 詩菜; Fujino Shiina)
Nicknames: Chiorigami (千織守; Thousand-Weave-Guard)
Appearance Age: Late-20s
True Age: 811
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 122lbs (198lbs inc. her arms)
Appearance: Although Shiina keeps them mostly covered, her most defining features are her shoulders. Only her shoulders too, as both of her arms have been amputated. Her Zanpakutou changed its shape to assist her recovery. Now, she has a set of six skeletal arms protruding from her back that can perform any task her original arms could. As the head of the Fujino clan, Shiina also wears a decorative hairpiece of gold, called a Gekkōin (月光印; Moonlight Seal). It is in the shape of a crescent moon with irregular lines representing moonlight behind it. Notably, she wears a double-layered Haori. The first Haori is a standard Captain's Haori, while the second is designed to hide the loss of her arms.

Racial  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

  • Kidou: Kidou is Shiina's current top skill. She had to adapt after the loss of her arms. She is known for "weaving" Kidou into her inventions, using the Kidou as a power source or making "Kidou grenades" that hold a Kidou within itself and release it at a later date. She can store up to level 80 Kidou. For every increment of 10, she has to spend eight hours to create those "grenades." This means that a level 80 Kidou takes 64 hours to complete a grenade of.
  • Hohou: Shiina's skill in Hohou has also increased considerably since the loss of her arms. She uses it to put some distance between herself and her opponent(s), so she is more skilled with rapid, short-distance Shunpo than long-distance.
  • Kaidou: Although Shiina understands Kaidou to the same degree as its masters within the Fourth Division, she has no skill with it. She describes it as such "Although I know how an internal combustion engine works, I have no idea how to fix one. The same applies for Kaidou."
  • Hakuda: Shiina has been training with Hakuda to help supplement her combat capabilities, although her arms operate at her skill -20 due to the awkwardness of controlling them.
  • Zanjutsu: Although she was once surprisingly great with a sword, the loss of her arms has reduced this skill to 0.
  • Genius Intellect: Although not rated anywhere, Shiina is one of the smartest (if not the smartest) Captains—at least in terms of book smarts. She may not have street smarts or common sense in a lot of regards, but no one can deny her intellect. Shiina was the one who devised an upgrade to the Rei'Itennoroshi (靈移転狼烟; Spirit Relocation Beacon" to improve its odds from 50% to 70%. She is a frequent visitor to the Daireishokairō, and has the best knowledge of its inner workings compared to the other Captains.

Other Weapons: Shiina carries around numerous large needles similar to Emei piercers. Her various arms wield them to frightening effect. She also carries various poisons within shatter-proof vials within her Haori.
Zanpakutō: After the incident that caused the loss of Shiina's arms, her Zanpakutou evolved slightly to assist her in her recovery. It did so by changing the shape of the sealed form into that of the Shikai. No longer is her Zanpakutou bound to a sword shape, but it instead takes the form of six skeletal arms protruding from her back. It does not provide her abilities, except for the use of the arms—which provide all the functionality of her original arms. These arms function at her strength, but they don't have much agility and function at her score -10. However, they are much more durable and function at her durability +10. Before this change, her Zanpakutou was a thin Nodachi she word at the back of her waist. It had more of a curve than a normal Nodachi, and its Tsuba was also narrow but in the shape of a diamond.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Weave


Shikai Name: Kotsumegumo (骨眼蜘蛛; Bone-Eyed Spider
Shikai Appearance: As her Zanpakutou has now changed somewhat, her actual appearance doesn't change.
Shikai Abilities: Kotsumegumo's main ability is that of its weaving. It produces a silk-like thread from its fingertips, which is then spun into various shapes by one of the other sets of hands. The silk is incredibly resistant to both physical and energy attacks. She can weave incredible amounts as the fingers do move with incredible dexterity when released. If held correctly, the silk can also be used as a blade-like weapon.


Bankai Name: Chikūbochi Orutoji (蜘巣墓地 織刀自; Graveyard Spiderweb of the Weaving Mistress)
Bankai Appearance: Upon release, skulls and other bones rise from the ground. Each of her arms shift into single appendages, almost as if each of the fingers split from the source on their own. These thirty appendages can extend about ten feet longer than normal—which she uses four of them for movement instead of her legs.
Bankai Abilities:  The main difference between her Shikai and Bankai is how she uses her silk. The silk can still be used to weave thick strands. Each of her appendages produces as much as an entire hand could in her Shikai. The silk is also sticky this time around, acting as an adhesive. As such, she can "spit" silk from the appendages to attempt to bind something. She can also mimic Bakudou 37, Tsuriboshi.

None of that is the main use of her Bankai's silk. She feeds the silk onto, around, and sometimes into the bones she has summoned. She can then weave these bones into functional, if not anatomically correct, skeletons that she controls like puppets. She can, in theory, control up to 30 of these at a time. However, she rarely does that. She normally has six of her appendages free for movement and usage as "arms."

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PostSubject: Re: Shiina Fujino   Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:05 am

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill*:80-1204000
Note: She has an effective 120 for understanding Zanjutsu, but a 0 in application due to her arms' lack of being there. If Shiina were to regain her arms, the -120 penalty to Zanjutsu would be removed.

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PostSubject: Re: Shiina Fujino   Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:11 am

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [-]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [-]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [-]

Tier: 1-2
Natural Skill Points: 240
Racial Skill Points: 240
Position Bonuses: +30 Captain
Misc. Bonuses: +20 Kido, +10 to Agility and Hoho
Comments/Notes: Arachne...
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PostSubject: Re: Shiina Fujino   

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Shiina Fujino
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