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 Lilith Blake [APPROVED; 0-2|S-2]

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PostSubject: Lilith Blake [APPROVED; 0-2|S-2]   Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:43 pm

Shinigami Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Lilith Blake
Nicknames/Aliases: Eleventh Division Captain
Appearance Age: Late 30s
Actual Age: 3,150
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Trained Abilities:

Monstrous Levels of Heavy Energy: The amount of energy Lilith has is higher than many Shinigami thought possible. Her energy feels like it's double what it is because of the heavy nature to it. Lilith's energy is heavy in its natural state, which is why she utilizes the eye-patch technology. She has little ability to control the release of her spiritual pressure, so when she walked passed those even similar in power level to her, she was making them pass out, which made social interactions were difficult. The eye-patch halves the effect of her spiritual pressure on people by breaking it down or "eating" it at the same rate at which it regenerates or is released.

If she's releasing her spiritual pressure, the eye-patch goes into overdrive. It's common to have it be overwhelmed and disintegrated while in battle. However, while the eye-patch is on, it is holding Lilith back, preventing her from using too much of her energy. This is to prevent her from crushing those around her; however, when she's fighting someone alone and they end up being a challenge, she may take it off and fight at full power. If Lilith's spiritual pressure is being released, the heavy nature of it often crushes the ground around her, which is why one thing she has mastered is the ability to use her energy to create a flat surface beneath her feet. Her own spiritual pressure is a problem if she's moving at all, so she needs a flat surface to make sure that she doesn't trip over crumbling ground. This sometimes gives her the illusion of flight.

Durability, Strength, and Speed: The amount of energy in Lilith's system has enhanced her body greatly. Because of its heavy nature, it does not allow her to become faster or more agile. Instead, it makes her stronger and harder to hurt. Lilith's energy makes her bones denser and her skin harder to pierce. Now, her reiryoku doesn't speed her up, but Lilith is naturally fast in the first place. She has no problem just running to get from place to place. It's her normal choice for transportation. Shunpo's overrated.

  • Strength: Thanks to immense training over the centuries that she has lived, Lilith's strength is beyond the comprehension of most. The line "bench press a mountain" is not used lightly. Though it's an exaggeration, it's really not that much of one. Lilith's strength is something feared by her peers. She has a hard time not naturally destroying the world around her, like pulling doors off hinges, because of how strong she is. She's adapted to this trait of hers, knowing she can't change it, and she wouldn't want to anyway. Lilith's strength is something she is proud of, even if it does scare people away.
  • Durability: Lilith has learned to take a beating over the years through training and combat alone. Her ability to push herself naturally is great, but the amount of battles she has been in where she has been greatly injured has allowed her body to adapt. Her energy has pushed her into what can even be compared to a mutation in order to make her almost impossible to damage. Lilith cannot remember the last time that someone was able to actually harm her. When even a Captain blinks wide eyed at their inability to cut you, you've got a gift. She can be damaged, but it is extremely hard to accomplish... reward to who does.

Sealed Zanpakuto Power:
母のマーク Haha no māku: The Mark of the Mother is a permanent seal that can be put on a person, providing Lilith with a few important effects against the one she has marked. Since the seal is permanent and these effects cannot be taken away, Lilith has to be extremely careful with who she puts it on. The first person she ever put it on ended up abandoning her and so she felt every effect listed below for years. The mark is invisible to everyone except Lilith and those she is actively showing at the time. When placing the Mark on someone, there is a momentary disruption of their energy, allowing the Mark to connect not just to their body, but to their soul. This disruption resets their energy, returning it to what would be it's "normal" state. You can compare it to taking your computer back to factory settings when things go wrong. For her to show them the mark, she has to be touching it or around it. If she does so, the mark will glow in a bright red and the form of The Celtic Motherhood Knot:

Effects of the Mother's Mark:

1) Lilith can track a marked person like they've left signs and breadcrumbs everywhere, but she has to actively be wanting that. The trail is to guide and the signs are to show images of what occurred. The trail forms in a light red glittery trail, similar to the quest trail you get in video games. The signs are faint images of what was occuring, showing semi-transparent outlines of the situation within ten feet of the marked one. So, if they were in a ranged fight, all Lilith would see is the outline of the one marked in a fighting stance, attacking, defending, or something like that. In close range, Lilith will be able to make out the opponent. In simpler terms, the seal takes 3D pictures of the marked one and shows Lilith where to go to find them.

2) The second effect that the Mark gives is a sort of empathetic ability. The people she has marked won't feel anything from her, but she can feel their intense emotions as long as they are within the same realm as her. Lilith will not be able to sense someone in the World of the Living while she is in the Soul Society. The types of emotions she can feel from them are always intense ones: elation, rage, despair, and terror. These are the only four emotions she can sense because of how strong they are. When Lilith does sense them, she immediately knows who it's coming from and whether she is needed.

3) When Lilith marks someone, it means that they are connected to her in a special way. The easiest comparison is that of a Mother and her child, though true love can be a good comparison as well. The meaning behind the mark makes it where Lilith cannot physically harm those marked. She has no ability to damage them unless she chooses to draw her sword. The seal prevents them from feeling physical pain caused by her and won't let a bruise, cut, or any sort of injury take place. If Lilith decides to punch a marked one, she'd break her hand, giving the phrase "This hurts me more than it hurts you" a new meaning. This also means that if Lilith draws a sword against them, her intent is to kill them, and her shikai abilities still come into play normally.

Zanpakuto Name: Eien no Bo 永遠の母 Eternal Mother
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Embrace
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Shikai Name: N/A
Shikai Appearance: N/A
Shikai Abilities: A Mother is a woman who is willing to fight and die for her children. No matter whether the children are born of her womb or adopted through bonds of the heart, a Mother's love is unconditional. She should guide and support her children in everything they do. She should protect them from anything that wishes them harm, but know when to let go. When they do well, a mother should reward them and when they do badly they should be taught a lesson. Even when a child deserves to be disciplined, it is never fun for a mother who loves her children to punish them in any way. When a Mother's children are hurt, scared, or upset, it's up to the Mother to take on that burden in order to help her children succeed. This is what Lilith's shikai embodies.

There are major limitations on Lilith's Shikai. For the following effects to take place, they would have to be marked by Mark of the Mother. Lilith's blade must also be unsheathed and they must be within twenty miles of her while in the same realm.

A Mother's Guidance: When a marked one is in need of help, this ability takes hold. When a marked one is doing anything, Lilith's guidance creates a red image that is meant to aid them. It can come in the form of a warning sign or a full blown landscape. It can warn them of an incoming attack or even show a false line of thinking. For example, if a marked one is about to take a wrong turn, a sign would be the creation of a red wall, making them go the other way. For this ability to react, Lilith actually must have the knowledge to do so or an opinion on it. In other words, her shikai does not predict the future and can only give signs. Some signs may go terribly wrong.

A Mother's Support: A marked ones body is enhanced while Lilith's shikai is active. The marked natural skill sheet is increased by 20 points.

A Child's Discipline: This effect only occurs if Lilith whacks a marked one with her blade. It isn't meant to be harmful, but similar to a mother spanking her child when they've done something wrong. When Lilith does this, the marked one is immediately stricken with a 10% increase to the damage they take. It also penalizes their natural skill sheet by 20. This effect goes away when Lilith sheaths her sword.

A Mother's Burden: Lilith's Burden allows her to take 50% of the physical damage and 80% of the elemental damage done to a marked ones transferred instantly to her own body. It also gives her marked ones a 50% resistance to any mental attack and negates half of all debuffs on the marked ones. All damage transferred to Lilith will be based on the marked one's durability, not her own. However, her speed, strength, and durability are all increased by 20 for each marked one within the 20 mile zone. If she hits max on any individual skill, she gains a 10% damage reduction per marked one and per maxed skill. Lilith's Burden also gives her a numbing effect to let her to ignore a great amount of pain for the sake of her marked ones.

Bankai Name:

On'na ienaga (女家長 The Matriarch )


Isan no haha (遺産の母 The Bereaved Mother)

Bankai Appearance: N/A

Bankai Abilities: There are two forms of Lilith's bankai. The first is the Matriarch and this is the bankai she can activate when she wants. The second is the Bereaved Mother and it can only activate if a marked one has died.


The Matriarch is Lilith's way of taking control of a situation. Instead of sitting back and allowing her marked ones deal with the situation on their own, she makes them stand back and watch her work. This is her way of protecting those she loves and preventing further harm from coming to them. Her bankai is able to last up to twenty rounds of posting, but this can be lessened by intense battle.

The Shield: Upon the activation of Lilith's bankai, The Matriarch surrounds the marked one with an impenetrable, immovable, spherical shield. For as long as her bankai is active, this shield keeps anything from getting in, but also prevents them from getting out. Anything that is not the marked one or the marked ones belongings are expelled from the sphere (a spouse/significant other counts as belongings). The sphere is whatever size it needs to be to comfortably house the person in question. While within the sphere, injuries do not get worse, blood loss ceases, diseases are stopped in time, and anything else that could harm the marked one is put on hold. These effects continue until Lilith's bankai is sealed or until she is killed.

Mark Reversal: Most of the effects that come with Lilith's shikai are reversed in bankai. Instead of effecting the marked ones, they effect her. Instead of buffing them, they buff her. In her shikai, she is meant to support those she loves. To fight by their side if she is needed, to take on some of the burden, but aid them in their missions. In her bankai, she does what a Mother does when she cannot take chances. She takes care of those she loves, she protects them, and takes the stronger burdens onto herself so her child does not have to. In bankai, Lilith becomes the Matriarch of her family.

A Mother's Stance: Reversing the effects of A Mother's Guidance, when a marked one is in need of protection, this ability takes hold. Lilith's body becomes charged, emitting waves of pressure outwards, similar to the repel of a magnet. This stance gives Lilith the chance to repel or slow down incoming attacks, giving her a small window of opportunity to dodge easier. Similar to the way A Mother's Guidance gives her marked ones a warning, the reversal of that ability gives Lilith a little extra time to react. (Opponents are penalized a -20 to speed and agility.) If an opponent is weak or slow enough (50 speed/strength or below), it is possible their attack is completely repelled. It is those people that are closer to, on, or above Lilith's level that it mostly slows them down. This effect occurs throughout the entire duration of her bankai.

A Mother's Lesson: Hurt my child and I will destroy you. The first is the small, but sharp and deadly force of energy that Lilith can choose to release upon making contact with someone. Whether she does so by punching them, or hugging them, Lilith can choose to send out this force. This force always forms in the shape of thin cone-like spikes that impale her opponent. They are invisible because they only release upon impact, but if she misses, the very brief sight of them can be noticed in the form of bright red energy. Lilith usually uses them similar to brass knuckles.

A Mother's Blessing: With the blessing of the Mother, Lilith is no longer taking 50% of the damage that is done to her child. Instead, she gains +5 durability for each injury her marked one has sustained to a maximum of +50. This does not include minor injuries like scrapes. This includes large cuts, gashes, major bruising, broken bones, damaged organs, lost or dislocated limbs, muscles tearing, and anything that would be considered life altering. Yes, this means the loss of sight or hearing counts and the loss of teeth counts under loss of limbs. This effect also stacks if there is more than one marked one within a forty mile radius that has been injured as well. In other words, it's per injury, per marked one. During bankai, Lilith feels half her pain.


The Bereaved Mother is about exacting revenge for the loss of her child. When Lilith marks someone, it means more to her than anyone could truly fathom. They are such an important part of her that losing them is something she cannot handle. The moment that a marked one dies, Lilith can sense it immediately. It does not matter what realm they are in, she can sense it. If Lilith is in her shikai or her bankai at the moment of their death, Lilith instantly enters The Bereaved Mother. When she enters The Bereaved Mother, there is a massive force that blasts outwards from her body, repelling anything that is coming in toward her, completely destroying her surroundings for the next mile. When the dust clears, Lilith is by the side of her marked one. It does not matter what realm they are in. She is instantly teleported that persons side. Within that blink of an eye that she is teleported, Lilith has taken on their likeness.

The likeness of the marked one who has died doesn't just come in appearance. It also comes in powers. In The Bereaved Mother, Lilith takes on the abilities of her own bankai and the abilities of the highest form of power that her marked on had obtained. In doing this, she immediately understands what her marked one understood. She knows how to fight exactly like them and can use their abilities like they were her own. In other words, if you kill the one or two people that she has decided are her loved ones, she is going to take the power they had and crush you with it. She is going to get revenge for them and slaughter you where you stand, or die trying. At this point, there is only one thing anyone should know and that is that one of you is going to die there.

There are two ways of getting Lilith out of the Bereaved Mother, besides Kaminari's bullshit. The first way is by killing her. The second way is by bringing her marked one back to life. Lilith can only access The Bereaved Mother if she has lost a marked one. Once she had gotten the revenge she seeks, The Bereaved Mother seals itself and she cannot access it again until the death of another marked one.

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PostSubject: Re: Lilith Blake [APPROVED; 0-2|S-2]   Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:21 am

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PostSubject: Re: Lilith Blake [APPROVED; 0-2|S-2]   Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:39 am

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [-]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [-]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [-]

Tier: 0-2, 1-2 with eyepatch on
Combat Prowess: S2
Natural Skill Points: 290
Racial Skill Points: 230
Position Bonuses: Captain-Commander Bonus (+50 to all skills); 11th Division Bonus (+5 to all Natural Skills)
Skill Boosts: Strength VI (60), Durability VI (60), Hakuda V (+50)
Comments/Notes: With the eyepatch on, she has a -50 to all skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith Blake [APPROVED; 0-2|S-2]   

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Lilith Blake [APPROVED; 0-2|S-2]
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