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 Midori Hayashi [Finished]

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PostSubject: Midori Hayashi [Finished]   Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:24 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Midori Hayashi

Appearance Age: Mid-to-Late Teens
True Age: 210
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115

Character Power Set

Trained Abilities:

Kidō: This is not her best skill, but this is her second best. Midori's control over her reiryoku is masterful and because of that she can use Kidō 1-80. She has not bothered with creating or altering Kidō because most of her skill goes to Kaidō.

Kaido: A prodigy of the last millennium, Midori is the most promising and one of the most advanced kaido users to grace the Seireitei. Midori is so skilled at Kaido that she is often requested for the most difficult of injuries to heal. She's advanced her own practices so greatly that she's gotten to the point where she could return limbs to normal, remove diseases and poisons, and even heal someone over time, all secrets she keeps to herself. Midori has the ability to bring shinigami back from the edge of their own deaths. She's created multiple custom kaido and those are all listed below:

  • Onkei no Tengoku (Blessing of Heaven): This is a Kidō seal that Midori has placed on her back. Upon the removal of the seal, it instantly releases an amount of reiryoku into her body equal to her tier. It collects reiryoku over time and stores it away within the seal. Once released, it returns the energy to her, allowing her to continue healing people or even continuing a battle that has been going on for some time. This is used in case of emergencies and takes toll on Midori's body. If used, she must leave a small amount of reiryoku in the seal to avoid this effect. If she does not, her body will collapse under the pressure after her reiryoku has been used up or an hour after it's initial release.

  • Kassei-ka suru (Revitalize): This Kaidō allows the restoration of someone's reiryoku. It lasts for three minutes, returning 75% of their reiryoku if they are resting and 30% of their reiryoku if they are still fighting. This can be cast on someone at a distance and takes the form of a green flower on the back of their hand. Throughout the duration of this Kaidō on a person, any pain they're feeling is numbed, but it returns after the three minutes has passed.

  • Setsuji (Affix): This is a special Kaidō that forces a person's cells to re-sew themselves together in order to reattach a limb. It takes a few minutes to complete depending on how long it's been since the detachment. Midori can reattach a limb that has been severed within the last 72 hours. The person will have a stitching-like scar around the area once healed. The scar fades over time, but while the scar is there, any rough usage of the reattached limb can cause the spell to fail. The limb still needs time to heal once the spell is complete.

  • Teiryū (Retention): This Kaidō actually preserves someone in order to keep them from dying. It only lasts for 24 hours, so it doesn't allow enough time to discover some cure or anything. It does allow time for serious healing, however. It's mainly to prevent people from  bleeding out. It keeps their heart beating, their blood moving, and keeps them in a coma-like state. It is also used to preserve body parts in order to prevent a limbs from dying.

  • Kō doku (Anti-venom): This Kaidō removes all foreign invaders from the body. This is mostly used for poisons, but has proven to help fight things like the flu and colds. This change is not instant since it moves through the blood stream, so it lingers for some time. Moving will cause this Kaidō to work slower than it's meant to, so someone who is under it's effects should lay in bed. Throughout the duration, the person glows in a faint light green color.

  • Koshūsuru Iyasu (Persistent Heal): This Kaidō is similar to Revitalize because it lingers for three minutes and the body's pain is numbed. Instead of restoring reiryoku, it restores their body. It begins healing them by closing wounds through accelerating the body's healing processes exponentially. This can also be cast at a distance and takes the form of a white flower on the back of the hand. If effected by Revitalize, the flower forms on the opposite hand.

  • Kintō-ka (Equalization): This Kaidō acts like vitamins. It takes a while, but it is used to re-balance someone's body, allowing different nutrients to lower or raise to normal levels. High cholesterol, low blood sugar, or vitamin deficiencies are taken care of over the course of twenty-four hours.

  • Ikou (Rest): This Kaidō puts someone to sleep. However, it does also heavily numb the body so that when Midori is performing a surgery, they can't feel it. It's her own version of a very powerful and more efficient anesthesia.

  • Yawarageru (Relieve): This Kaidō numbs the body just enough to allow someone to deal with minor pain. It is used similar to the way people normally use Tylenol. After the pain is numbed though, it doesn't return for at least a week. This Kaidō lingers in the body that long for minor stuff only.

Hohō: In combat overall, Midori is above-average in comparison to most Lieutenants. However, that is not because of her skill in Hohō. She can shunpo as well as any other Lieutenant, but the other more specialized techniques are not something she cares to dabble in. She only moves quickly in order to keep up with her duties.

Zanjutsu: Midori did what she needed to do to pass her classes at Shino Academy. She's not a combat person, so she concentrates her strength away from fighting. However, since she became a Lieutenant, she realized that she had to get better. After being told to work on her Zanpakutō by the former Head Captain, Midori worked on her swordsmanship. She knows how to use a sword very well now and one or two techniques within the Shinigami's sword art form, but not much more than that.

Hakuda: Midori has a problem throwing a punch, but not because of her skill. She doesn't like the idea of her body striking another person to do damage. Do not expect her to try and fight in this manner, but she will if she must. If she is to fight, Midori would prefer not to be close range. It will normally be with Kidō. If forced close range, she'll release her Zanpakutō and attempt to use it to fight. However, if that doesn't work for her, Midori has a single Hakuda technique that she designed for this:

  • Senshi no Tebukuro: (Gloves Of The Warrior): Midori wraps her fists and lower arm with Reiryoku to make them more durable, mimicking her shikai's form. Most of her reiryoku is concentrated at the end of her fist. Upon impacting anything, she releases the reiryoku that is concentrated there. It bursts outward in order to create an explosion. The amount of pressure the explosion causes varies heavily based on who she is using it on and whether she wants to slow them down or turn them to ash. She can adjust the power as she wishes.

Zanpakuto Name: Hikari Kagayaku
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Let your light shine
Zanpakuto Appearance:

Shikai Name: Kyōi no Hikari
Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities: The gauntlets that Midori gains in her shikai give her the ability to create and manipulate light. She does this by condensing the element into a solid forms. It allows her to create different attacks and shields. The most significant ability it gives her is the ability to bend light, causing herself and other objects to disappear from sight. Each of her spells are implemented with her own hand movements. To give an example, if she wants to shoot a beam of light at someone, she merely points her finger toward the target. However, if she wants to create a shield, she can hold out the palms of her hands and waves them in order to create it. Specific spells will not be created for this application because a lot of what Midori will do is done in the heart of the moment and there's nothing special about any attacks in her shikai.

Bankai Name:
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:

Character Synopsis

Midori Hayashi is a young healing prodigy that has a habit of surpassing the Captains with her skill in Kaido. She spends much of her time training and perfecting her craft, so she doesn't always have time for a social life. Well, she doesn't allow much time for a social life. Midori is so focused on training that she often forgets how to just be a young woman living her life. She's got a very small number of friends and rejects any romantic advances because of her different focus. In fact, it is rumored that Midori is attracted to her own Captain and that is why she avoids any romantic situations. Though she'll never admit it, this rumor is true and she uses work as a distraction to prevent herself from being hurt. She knows she'd never have a chance with him.

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PostSubject: Re: Midori Hayashi [Finished]   Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:34 pm

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill:20
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Midori Hayashi [Finished]
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