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 King Kiyomaru [Finished]

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PostSubject: King Kiyomaru [Finished]   Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:31 am

Arrancar Character Template

Basic Information

Name: King Kiyomaru
Appearance Age: Mid 30s
Actual Age: 1780
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Trained Abilities: King Kiyomaru got his title by being one of the most powerful Arrancar around, often calling himself the most powerful, and he did that by being almost impossible to damage. Not only does he have a naturally high durability, but his hierro is unsurpassed with some of the sharpest swords never able to pierce his skin. Just below that is his strength and skill in both unarmed combat and weapon skill. While his extremely high hierro comes from a more natural source, even untrained, his actual specialization (where he trained) was definitely close quarters combat with and without a weapon. The rest of the known Arrancar skills are ranked as follows: Sonido, Regen., and Cero/Bala.

Mask Fragment: The eye patch is his mask fragment.
Hollow Hole: His hollow hole is behind the eye patch.
Hollow Level: Adjuchas
Unreleased Abilities: Kiyomaru's anchor is his zanpakuto and he seems to have a telepathic link to it. As long as it is within five hundred feet of him, he has the ability to control it with his mind. He often uses it to even surf through the air, telepathically making it move while he stands on it. He uses it to fight in this method as well, having it fly around and attack on mental command.

Original Zanpakutō Appearance: His anchor. See pictures.
Resurrección Name: Jigoku no randomāku (Landshark of Hell)
Resurrección Release: Oyogu (Swim)
Resurrección Appearance: See Below. No personal appearance change.
Resurrección Abilities: Kiyomaru's Resurrección is almost always released. It is not that he has a permanent release, but chooses to do so. The only time he doesn't have it released is when he is sleeping. This is why his subjects know when he is "at rest." Doing this keeps the intimidation factor way up.

Hell's Anchor: The anchor that Kiyomaru carries with him is his main weapon. His main manner of fighting with it is he throws it out at something. If it strikes, he has the ability to pull it and the struck object back toward him or he can pull himself toward it. It is a simple and straight forward ability with no extra benefits beyond the fact that this 800 pound anchor weighs nothing for him.

The Beast: The beast is a creature created from Kiyomaru's energy. It "swims" around Kiyomaru at all times, creating an arena that is 200 feet in diameter. It gives Kiyomaru extra senses. So, if his eyes are closed, he can still see you through this creature. If he cannot smell normally, this creature can. Though this creature can take the form of anything Kiyomaru desires, he has chosen a shark. It acts as a guardian of Kiyomaru, though it's will is not separate from him. It is a puppet he controls, but Kiyomaru pretends that it is a separate entity from himself. When someone enters this area around him, they can feel this pulsing pressure that radiates out from him like waves in water. It his his domain. This creature has the ability to attack with him or for him, popping out at any area within the 200 feet. There is only one of these creatures at a time.

Anchor's Wave: Kiyomaru can use this ability 4 times in a thread, but with a 4 post cooldown in between. When he chooses to, Kiyomaru will slam the anchor to the ground releasing a large amount of energy. The energy will lift all kinds of terrain into the form of a tsunami and send it forth from his spot. If he's in the desert, it is sand. If he's in the city, it is land and any buildings in its path. This wave has enough pressure behind it to knock over sky scrapers and continues for fifty miles. This ability is how he controls the espada and hollow that now serve under him. They fear it since sand isn't easy to breathe under.

Character Synopsis

King Kiyomaru is a vicious and demanding Arrancar who wants the finest, whether it be in his status, the women around him, the food he eats, or the place he lives. Sick of the lack of food and complaints form those he leads, King Kiyomaru has come up with a plan. He has gathered a group of Arrancar that like his plan to provide some bountiful resources to them. Will King Kiyomaru and his Espada succeed? If so, the realms may become a very different place.

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Posts : 169
Join date : 2018-07-01
Age : 26
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: King Kiyomaru [Finished]   Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:11 pm

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King Kiyomaru [Finished]
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