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 Chikage Kazama [WIP]

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PostSubject: Chikage Kazama [WIP]   Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:31 am

Arrancar Character Template

Basic Information

Name: Chikage Kazama
Nicknames/Aliases: King Kazama
Appearance Age: Mid 30s
Actual Age: 1780
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190

Appearance Picture:

Character Power Set

Equipment: (Whatever random crap you come up with.)

Trained Abilities: (Non-Energy based abilities, combat or mundane, like martial arts or cooking.)

Mask Fragment:
Hollow Hole:
Hollow Level:
Unreleased Abilities:
Other Weapons:

Original Zanpakutō Appearance:
Resurrección Name:
Resurrección Release:
Resurrección Appearance: (A picture or 5 sentences)
Resurrección Abilities:

Character Synopsis

Chikage Kazama is an extremely dangerous Arrancar that mostly works from the shadows. He uses his own army, the Espada, to attempt to carry out his vision for Hueco Mundo. With a dominant and selfish personality, Chikage does not like to be challenged by anyone. Those who work "with" him, understand that they are beneath him and that is why they call him King. With greed leading the way, Chikage now leads an army, rules most of Hueco Mundo, and can have or take anything and anyone he wants. And he's proud of it. The only thing he's missing is something that an old friend of his has: a woman that is truly loyal and actually wanting to stay by his side.

Chikage would love a special person like that because it'd cater to his ego and because he believes he deserves it. However, there is a part of him that wants a willing participant in his relationships, instead of someone that he has once again forced into submission, bribed, or gave some promise to convince. Unfortunately (and fortunately) for him, this desire of his is not priority and will always be placed on the back burner until his goals are met. Chikage does plan on delivering on his promise to end the suffering and starvation of his own kind. It was with this promise that he gained the trust and loyalty of some Arrancar and officially formed the Espada. He will deliver.

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Chikage Kazama [WIP]
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