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 Junji Sakamura [APPROVED, 1-5, B1]

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PostSubject: Junji Sakamura [APPROVED, 1-5, B1]   Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:45 pm

Name: Junji Sakamura (坂村 淳司; Sakamura Junji)
Age: 187
Sex: Male
Race: Shinigami


Junji might seem like a generally "upbeat" kind of guy. He is, so long as he's got something to do or somewhere to be. As long as he's going, he's not dreary. But in the times where he's forced on sentry duty or paperwork or the very few times he's in bedrest, Junji is as bland as an unsalted cracker. His replies to being prodded are usually between a grunt and a single-syllable word. It's hard to tell which one they lean more towards, however. The good news is, he's rarely in that kind of a mood. He's normally his sarcastic, smartass self that has earned him a reputation or two.

Junji puts on his cheerful face even when he's not all that cheerful. Those who are close to him, such as his Captain, know the signs when he's just making that face to not worry anyone. In fact, around his Captain in particular he doesn't try to keep up a false face unless it's in public. It's become a common thing for his Captain to expect an explanation when in private when she discovers him putting on a face. And that's something most of the Eleventh Division doesn't know—Junji puts on the cheerful act more than they realize. Unless he's truly bored with something, he'll try to tolerate it. He's explained it to Lilith like being a parent whose kid just drew the most god-awful house you've seen. Of course you don't want to hurt their feelings, so you put it on the fridge anyway. It might look more like a dog than a dwelling, but it's gonna be on the fridge.

Junji cares a lot more he lets on. That isn't to say he's a secret giver-to-charity, nor does he own an off-the-books rescue shelter for lost animals. But if he sees a kid is crying, he actually thinks about why that kid might be crying. He may not act, but not acting doesn't mean not caring in his mind. He's a tall guy with weird hair and deep green eyes. Whatever the kid was crying about will most likely be compounded by the scary man trying to talk to him. Junji, while in a gigai, was questioned by multiple police officers at various points in his life because he was randomly talking to children who were upset—and passers-by thought the children were upset because of him.

Junji can get flustered rather easily by the people who know him well enough to point out when he actually is caring for something. His friends over the years have picked at him when he tries to nonchallantly assist people in need. He's not a big softie, nor is he a jerk with a heart of gold. He's more like a hardass with a copper heart. It's not a bad heart, but it's definitely not as good as a gold one. But damn is it easy to get it stimulated at first.

Junji usually voices displeasure or disappointment with witticisms. They may be obscure or dry, but that is his primary form of aknowledging someone else's failure. When he was an unseated member in the Gotei 13, he'd apprehend repeat criminals who tried to deny charges with the same quip: "I believe you less than I believe in a Hollow's heart." Needless to say, that isn't very much trust. Junji will gladly insult someone with a quip rather than a direct "you're an idiot." If Junji flatly tells someone they are intellectually challenged or are a disappointment, the severity of their misdeeds is astronomical.

But Junji's humor is not always a negative thing, though negativity is more common in it than positivity. To those that he's close to, he'll poke at previous failures just to try to get a laugh from them. Sometimes he'll even laugh at these himself. Humor may not be his strongest suit, but he does think that he is more funny than he is unfunny. His sense of humor goes on to be somewhat dry and dull, leading themselves to short statements and twisting of words more than actual jokes.

If there's something that people know about Junji, it's that he has an ego. When you factor in his sword skill into his ego, most recognize that it's a hard-won pride. He holds himself above most not just for his capabilities, but his accomplishments as well. The man aknowledges his good traits while either shrugging off or re-tooling (or rather, re-wording) his negative ones. He doesn't admit he's perfect—and will emphasize heavily that he isn't. But damn if it doesn't seem like he believes he might be. The one negative thing he freely admits to not doing well is his cooking. He has given up trying to hide that trait, so he plays off of it. He denies it being a secret way for him to appear helpless at home so he can win a woman over with pity, but some still speculate that's the case.

To continue off of the previous section, Junji vehemently denies that because he feels that the best way to win a woman over is with either charm or daring deeds of heroism or something of the sort. Needless to say, he barely has charm—his romance tips are from perhaps the worst sources. Although he has not been with many women, Junji put exceptional amounts of effort into their relationship. Because of his pride, he doesn't ask other people on what to do. Oh no, he consults romance novels. However, he chooses those with interesting back summaries. These usually are, unfortunately, the kind you would pick up at an airport book rack. They're bad. People read these for the laughs—except for Junji. He reads them for genuine assistance. This has led to many women laughing in his face and a handful of nights washing alcohol from his hair.

Junji dislikes speaking of what happened with the women he's been with. It was, to be blunt, entirely unpleasant at the end. He's the type of possessive that borders unhealthy. He's violent to others that try to, in his mind, steal his woman away. That's something about him that is outdated—that when he is with someone romantically, they belong to one another and no one else—but he has and will continue to refuse to change that. If someone cannot handle that, then they are not the woman for him.

Junji has his way of doing things. He is strangely predictable and deviations make him paranoid and anxious. If he has to take an alternative route home because of unannounced road construction, he assumes it's a trap—funneling as they call it. Junji does not let others touch his things willingly. His swords are exceptionally off-limits and touching them has ruined multiple friendships in the past. It is not recommended to do so. his way of doing things is the only right way—his order is a perfect order for him. While this does speak to his ego, it's also just what he expects. He likes his clothes washed a certain way, his towels folded to an exact, and an exact number of ice cubes in his drinks. Any more, he takes out. Any less, he asks for enough to match that number. He does not ask for much from other people—but what he asks he expects to be followed to the letter.

He does strange things, seemingly on a whim. He has bad direction sense, so he's more lost than found. He's known to leave hours before an appointment because he knows he'll get lost. It isn't because he's distracted, but rather that obstacles annoy him and his choice of routes seems to change based on how long he feels like a certain direction will take him to get to his destination. These detours are routinely found out by him when he realizes he might not even be in the right town. "Ah, right, I'm lost" is a common motto of his before turning back the way he came as if nothing had been said.

Junji's thoughts on other characters:
J Saionji: Junji respects and fears J. Not in the same way as he does Lilith. That's entirely different. With J, Junji doesn't want to challenge him. Besides knowing it's a fight he couldn't win (yet), he just doesn't want that damn condescending look J has looking even worse at him. J is also one of the people Junji does regret disappointing, but he's not going to apologize for it. He explained to J why he did what he did. It's J's own fault if he doesn't agree with or understand it.
Midori Hayashi: Junji knows Midori only a little. He's tried to flirt with her a couple of times, but it just felt weird so he stopped it. The rejection also didn't help. Junji owes everything to Midori right now, as she's the only reason he joined the Gotei in the first place. He prefers having her do his physicals, mainly because she's one of the few that can actually get him to do them.
Lilith: It's complicated. Lilith is, and has been, his benchmark for everything. She is what he aspires to be. She's almost perfect in his eyes, and she's who he gets along with the best. The guy may not admit it, but the fact is he has a crush on her. His eyes almost sparkle when he thinks of her. He will take no smack-talk of her, and isn't afraid of "white knighting" when she's not around. When she is around, he lets her deal with it.


Junji wasn't born in the Soul Society as far as he knows. He woke up, already a young child who could walk. He had been one of the unfortunate children of one of the Rukongai districts past number 50. He doesn't remember which one, only walking quite a bit until someone picked him up after he passed out from starvation and dehydration. He awoke in District 44 of East Rukongai, Neruburi (跳鰤; Splashing Yellowtail). Neruburi was a decent district. It wasn't quite the poverty of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, but it didn't have the luxury of the 10s, 20s, and 30s. The 40s were known as decent places. Neruburi was no exception to this with its many ponds and fisheries.

The man who found Junji was a warehouse manager named Yoshimatsu Sakamura. Yoshimatsu was a tall, skinny man with a pair of round glasses that made him look more intimidating than he should have. His hair was long-sinced greyed and his beared matched. He had one of those beards that could have been bushy but not quite there yet. His forehead wrinkled into a disapproving/worried expression constantly. Despite his odd appearance, he was a great man. As most of the townsfolk around him were Japanese, they called him simply "R-san." Junji was not the only child there. There were about half a dozen others all living in what was apparently a renovated warehouse beside Yoshimatsu's own. Junji had... siblings of a sort now apparently.

Kaori, Manara, Atsushi and Natsuhi, Setsuna, Hime, and Karl were the other children there. Karl was the oldest, and he was Yoshimatsu's own son. Junji was the second-oldest now, with Manara behind him. Yoshimatsu explained that they were all wandering orphans he had found around the Rukongai. He didn't venture out much anymore due to his advancing age, but he rescued those he could. Only this handful still lived with him. He had done this dozens of times, though most went off to find groups where they belonged. Most of them were from the same district or from a lower-number district. All of the ones who remained were from the higher-numbers like Junji was.

Junji learned how to live again in this group. As Karl was frequently out fishing, Junji was usually the oldest. Boy, did he abuse the power that gave him. He'd make some of younger ones do his chores or take the fall for somethign he did. But they did so because he protected them. They were his siblings. He could mess around with them, but no one else could. He got many a black eye protecting his little sisters from harm—especially Kaori. She just always seemed to wind up in some kind of trouble...

As time went on, they all grew up. Junji worked in the warehouse alongside Yoshimatsu while many of the sisters made their money by making and delivering lunches. Atsushi and Setsuna were the only two that didn't do much work besides basic housekeeping and cleaning. Atsushi was almost old enough to start helping in the warehouse when he fell ill. He was bedridden with a severe fever. As the doctor was called in, it turned out he wasn't the first with the symptoms. In fact, Atsushi was the tipping point for it to be called an epidemic.

The Gotei 13 mobilized to combat the disease. Although many died, without their help the district could have been lost. The medicine was slow to act, and many people thought more medicine would mean it'd work faster. This caused the thefts. One of which hit the Sakamura warehouse. Junji chased after the thief, but it was the sudden appearance of one of the white-haori-clad Captains that stopped the chase. The thief quickly just gave up the medicine to her, not wanting a fight with the Gotei. Junji came to a panting stop, frustration boiling out in ways he didn't understand yet. But the Captain did. She gave the medicine back to him, then followed him home. They spoke about many things, and she seemed nice though she unwittingly had made it hard to concentrate on the conversation.

After confirming that Atushi was recovering, she pulled Junji aside. She told him that he should go to the Shinou Academy to learn how to truly help out. She explained that he had some talent within him and that was the only way to unlock it. He knows now that was a lie—but the Shinou Academy was still the smartest way. Heeding the Captain's advice, he decided to try it out. He was astonished to learn he had made it in. Wanting to make Yoshimatsu and the rest proud, he took on the extra classes to enroll in the advanced group. He was a smartass, but he was not a smart ass.

Junji did graduate by the skin of his teeth, and he was placed into the Eleventh Division. It was originally a clerical error. However, the camraderie there was great. Although things rarely actually devolved into pure fights, they sure got close. And that edge of learning where to stop was something Junji enjoyed dancing upon. He learned how to fight properly, but more importantly, he learned how enjoyable a fight could be. But what struck Junji more than anything else was the Captain. She was... magnificent. Similar to the other Captain he met, but so very different. Junji doesn't like to say what he thought when he first saw her, but he says now that she's the only Captain for him. If she left the Eleventh, he'd leave too.

That was the start of something that he'd learn to love. Although the scuffles became more enjoyable, some of the duties were odd throughout the division. One of the things Junji immediately noticed about the Eleventh was the lack of a Lieutenant. No one knew what happened to the previous one—it had been quite a few hundred years—but the prevalent rumor was that Lilith killed him. Some said it was because she caught him stealing her underwear, others because he insulted her. The most common one was that he challenged her for the Captaincy and died. A handful had tried to step up, but Lilith had a single challenge: to come at her. Most backed down at that, but the few that didn't weren't able to beat her. They'd give up after the fight. Junji set his mind on becoming her right-hand-man.

Junji's time training was absolutely brutal. He broke bones and once ended up with a deep gash on his side. Midori was, unsurprisingly, not happy with him. But he was going to beat Lilith. His Zanpakutou awakened on a rainy night after he had been up for three days straight trying to talk to it. The large figure he spoke to was intimidating. Rasetsu's spirit ended up laughing at Junji's dream, but he never explained why. When Junji finally felt like he had a good handle on his forms, he challenged Lilith for her Lieutenant's position. Despite the warning the other members gave him, he wasn't going to back down.

The fight was beyond one-sided. He was down in one punch most of the time. Each time he went down, he got back up and tried a different approach. He'd dodge, then get hit with another blow. This repeated for hours it seemed. His nose was almost broken, one eye was swollen shut, and his left arm was more limp  than he'd've liked. And yet, he was still going for it. When the next punch nearly knocked him unconscious, he yielded. He stood up, panting and bleeding on the stone tile of the training grounds. "I can't beat you, Captain. Well, not yet. But I will one day—I'll make sure of it." With his confident smile, Junji passed out from exhaustion.

When Junji awoke in the Fourth Division's recovery wing, there wasn't a nurse or a doctor waiting. Lilith and Midori weren't there either. But it was obvious he had been visited as an armband with the badge of the Eleventh Division's Lieutenant sat on his bedside table. With his one good eye, he almost cried. He instead ended up laughing triumphantly. He had done it. Junji was perhaps the only Lieutenant to start working while looking like he had been thrown off of a cliff.

During his induction ceremony, Junji actually got to meet the Captain-Commander. Although the Eleventh didn't really do much for the ceremony besides go over the alcohol budget, he enjoyed meeting the person in charge of the Gotei Thirteen. Somehow, Junji and Captain J. Saionji were able to hit it off somewhat. They weren't instant-buddies, but something just clicked between them. It was because of J that Junji became interested in the Caligraphy Club, though many in the Eleventh wonder what that was all about.

However, the friendship wasn't meant to last long. Within a year of Junji's becoming Lieutenant, he was given an order. Due to a large number of Hollows being exterminated, a large number of pluses where to be killed in District 44 of Eastern Rukongai. Junji asked if the area could be changed, not letting anyone know why. Unfortunately, once an area has been selected it cannot be changed. So, he refused the order. Although there was a small trial to see if he would stay, it ended up being that he was docked pay and remained as Lilith's Lieutenant. But that incident soured his relation with J. The two barely will even look at one another, and Junji always will reply with stiff "Yes, sir, Captain-Commander Saionji, sir."

That frustration was enough for Junji to redouble his efforts in training. The frustration he had with J and that fueled his swings and meditation. Even Rasetsu noticed how furiously Junji was plowing along in training. It was almost a case of self-destruction. If it weren't for a near-death accident where a wall nearly collapsed on him, he would have continued. The frustration should be funneled, but not just into aimless "get stronger." So, he calmed down and began trying to speak to Rasetsu's other self.

It took years, but he finally got it to speak. Rasetsu nodded solemnly as he understood what this was doing. Junji beat his Zanpakutou spirit once more. This fight nearly killed him, but he succeeded by thinking of Lilith—and decking his Zanpakutou spirit with his broken hand. He kept this new awakening to himself. If people knew that he had attained Bankai, he'd probably be forced into a Captain's position. He wasn't going to let that happen. The only Captain for him was Lilith. The only Division for him was the Eleventh. He was going to have her haori one day. He knew it.


Zanjutsu & Swordsmanship: Junji is perhaps the most-experienced Lieutenant when it comes to Zanjutsu. In fact, he's equivalent to a few of the other Captains. When it comes to Zanjutsu, Junji has created a handful of specific techniques. Unlike his own sword style, Junji refuses to teach these techniques to anyone. They are known as the Kiri-kata no Kinshi (切り方の禁止;Forbidden Ways of Cutting). In truth, they are not difficult to learn. They are simply dangerous to do so.

  • Tsurizao no Kettō (釣り竿の決闘; Duel of the Fishing Poles) is the first technique. Tsubaki refers to its inspiration as a story she was told in her youth. Two men went out fishing. One was an old man, who had fished with the same pole for years. The other was a man just as old, but regularly upgraded his fishing pole based on new techniques of making one. The second man berated the first on his old pole. It was outdated and weather-worn. The second man asked "How long is yours?" The first man shrugged "Oh, I don't know. Somewhere about 350 centimeters?" The second man laughed. "Ha. Mine is exactly 360 centimeters. The man who made it is a master craftsman, you see." The second man continued to ask questions about the specifics of the first man's fishing rod. The old man didn't know any of the exacts. They found a spot downstream and decided to try their luck. There was a small cove, surrounded by rocks but filled with fish. Every time the first man threw his line, it landed in the rocky cove. Yet the second man was never able to make it in. At the end of the day, the second man finally asked. "How were you able to make it in every time? I know the exacts of my pole, but you don't know anything." The first man replied "I don't need to know the exact length, weight, or age of this fishin' pole. I've been using it for years. I know how it will cast. You change your pole every year. You know what it should do, but not what it actually does." The moral is that just knowing how something works doesn't mean that it will work.

    There are only two uses for Tsurizao no Kettō. The first is used as a counter to a thrust. The user's blade is held parallel to the incoming thrust. When the tip of the user's blade is one inch past the opponent's blade's tip, the user's blade will tap the opponent's blade. The opponent's blade's trajectory will be thrown slightly off, allowing the user to close the distance without worry of the thrust. The second use of Tsurizao no Kettō is more limited. Some Zanjutsu or Kenjutsu techniques use tricks of the eye to decieve an opponent about the length of a blade. Tsurizao no Kettō's small tap is enough to dislodge that trick of the eye.

  • Zanshu Gyakuten (斬首逆転; Beheading Reversal) is the second of the Kiri-kata no Kinshi. Zanshu Gyakuten does not have its own inspiration fable. It is a technique designed to cut off the head of an opponent who has gotten too close—or will get too close. The dull edge of the blade is pressed close to the user's neck. This is usually done by sliding it underneath the chin. When the opponent is close enough that dodging is most likely impossible (this being close enough to smell someone's breath or have their sweat drip on you), the user places their other hand on the back edge of the blade and both arms push hard against the opponent. This usually is enough to behead someone. The danger of the ability comes in how fast it must be done. Any miscalculation or adjustment and the user will impale their own neck.

  • Hosatsu (捕殺; "Catching Killing") is a strike that uses Shunpo to reach its full effect. While a normal lunge could reach, the attack is meant to use Shunpo. Hosatsu is a more dangerous version of Senka. Hosatsu propels the user forward, directly towards the target. The user holds the sword to the side. As they pass by the target, it is intended to cut them in half. However, if someone defends with a strong enough sword, it could even break the user's hand.

  • Gobudameshi (五分試し, "Killing by Inches") is a single, strong strike. However, the blade isn't what is dangerous. The sheer speed and strength of the strike creates a three-inch "pocket" of air that cuts just as much as that blade would. The strike's main problem is the strain it puts on joints. Not so much that it only hurts, but that the joints are dislocated. Thus the more it is used, the closer it is to dislocating the user's arms' joints. Junji can do approximately three Gobudameshi consecutively (1 per post) before his joints are dislocated. He does not have this worry if he takes at least a one post break between uses.

Speed and Shunpou: Junji is deceptively fast. In fact, his speed is second only to his Zanjutsu skill. Junji's speed is mainly good for short bursts and not long sprints. To put it in other words, Junji has good acceleration instead of a high top speed. Junji uses his speed in combination with his Shunpou to get behind opponents. This is used mainly with his Bankai's peculiar shape, allowing him to thow it, have the opponent dodge, then throw it again from behind.

Hakuda: As a Lieutenant, he's got a passable score in Hakuda. Most of it comes from having to defend himself in fights with other members of the Division.

Kidou: Although Junji knows of many Kidou, his time in the Eleventh has diminished his abilities. If he really tried, he would be decent at it. But that would require him to leave the Eleventh. Currently, he doesn't see any reason to do so.
Kaidou: No skill.
Natural Strength: Junji is mostly average for someone of his level of experience when it comes to physical strength. He's no monster who can lift buildings, but his strength is nothing to laugh at either. Most of his strength, however, comes from muscle memory. His sword swings are strong. His punches are strong. He may still need to have someone else open the pickle jar. He has trained his muscles in such a way that unless he uses them in a combat situation, he's actually below average. In combat, however, he can be a force to be reckoned with.
Painting and Calligraphy: Although it does not help in combat in any way whatsoever, Junji is a talented painter and calligraphist. He tries to get others to practice an art like his too, as he says it keeps the mind calm. Well, he seems to be a hypocrite as he swears like a sailor if something ends up wrong.
Cooking: No.


Release Phrase: Rend (裂ける Sakeru)
Sealed Zanpakutou:

Zanpakutou Spirit:


Name: Rasetsu (蘭截; Severing Orchid)

Abilities: Rasetsu only has a single ability. If thrown, Junji can call the blade back to his hand at a speed of his speed +15.



Name: Kaitenzaku Rasetsu (回転作 蘭截; Rotational Harvest Severing Orchid)
Appearance: Kaitenzaku Rasetsu takes the form of a pair of mirrored curved blades. When put together, they form a perfect circle. The notable two features of the blade are a pair of handles and a set of 4 twinned prongs.The cirle is hollow in the center, making it appear like an oversized chakram. Junji himself also changes. His hair turns stark white, matching that of his Zanpakutou Spirit's. His eyes also change color to a glowing scarlet.

Abilities: Kaitenzaku Rasetsu only has one new ability from its Shikai. The ability only works when it is fully connected and formed into a circle.The large circle in the center will act as a shield against energy attacks. It absorbs the energy and then redistributes it to the four prongs. The prongs immediately fire the redistributed energy.This cannot be directed or redirected except by physically moving the blade. As of now, the shield can stop Kidou up to 65. It also cannot "vacuum" in energy. This means that anything that does not hit the circle in the middle will continue on its course unimpeded.

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PostSubject: Re: Junji Sakamura [APPROVED, 1-5, B1]   Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:47 pm

Natural Skill

Racial Skill
Zanjutsu/Weapon Skill:8001530125

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PostSubject: Re: Junji Sakamura [APPROVED, 1-5, B1]   Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:43 am

Application Checklist

  • Basics Present [-]
  • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [-]
  • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [-]

Tier: 1-5
Combat Prowess: B1
Natural Skill Points: 210
Racial Skill Points: 160
Position Bonuses: +15 Lt
Skill Boosts: III (30) Zanjutsu, II (20) Hoho, I (10) Endurance
Comments/Notes: CHANGE IMPLEMENTED (Mar. 5th, 2019) to New Tier/Skill system.
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PostSubject: Re: Junji Sakamura [APPROVED, 1-5, B1]   

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Junji Sakamura [APPROVED, 1-5, B1]
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